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OSx86 as a Primary OS?

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The last time I installed OSx86 on anything was 10.4.7 on a Dell m140. A lot of stuff didn't work, but the stuff that did work worked very well and I found the whole experience to be pretty stable and reliable.


I use Windows XP currently on my homebuilt desktop and it works fine, but it's time for a big step up. From what I've seen so far of it, I refuse to use Vista - it's truly horrible and I won't go anywhere near it. The trouble is, the Mac Mini is not powerful enough and the iMac comes glued to a subpar monitor (I need a good one for web design and photo editing). The Mac Pro is nice, but it's too expensive and total overkill for my needs.


What I'm wondering is: would it be realistic to use OSx86 as my main OS?


Also, what would be the best motherboard for this? I don't mind doing some tweaking here and there (I am a Windows user, after all), but ideally I'd like a mobo where everything works either out of the box or with an easy fix.


Suggestions about other options in the legitimate end of the Mac platform are welcome as well.


Thanks in advance for your help! :wacko:

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I'll answer your primary question... It's very realistic to use OSX86 as your primary OS. I'm sure I'm not alone in being one of the people around here who use a hackintosh and OS X as my only OS. I stopped installing Windows a good while back. Once you go Mac.. you never go back... well I did once.. but not anymore. :wacko:


It's not like it was in the beginning. Things have gotten quite stable and more hardware is supported than ever before.

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take a look on the wiki to get the good specs

there are lot of topics here about "make your 10.4.9 full compatible machine with worth of 500 bucks"


i didn't remember the last time i've used windows

i think it's in early of the last year and just because for play tes4 oblivion :blink:


then i got a xbox 360 console to play and my hackintosh is my main os since the last year for anything

or you can wait a bit and see what will be happens with leopard and their needs.


if possible, buy a mac

i know how expensive it is, but you will have a good machine for everything for long time.


yep, including use "windows bob" when you need :angry2:

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