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NTFS-3G+MacFuse Still no Write Support


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Hello there


Finally got NTFS-3G and Macfuse reading my NTFS Windows partition


However, they mount as network shares now..and not actual drives


well..thats okay..except they cant be written over still (none of my three partitions can be written on)


The version of NTFS-3G I'm using is from this site: http://www.daniel-johnson.org/

and the version of macfuse is the latest from their site


Here are some screenshots to help describe whats going on



Notice the Network Share and the permissions denied



Disk Information


If you need more information to help me solve this problem..please feel free to ask for it!


Thank you, your help is much appreciated

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That's how NTFS-3G works, it tricks OSX into seeing your NTFS volumes as network drives. If you have a recent copy of one of uphuck's releases, boot from the installer disk and install only the NTFS-3G package over your existing installation. It should work just fine.

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