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  1. so..does the P5LD2 just not work with the kalyway disc?
  2. Okay, sorry for the delay, i did not get a chance to install the kalyway version until earlier today So the problem is now that i cant even get past the install stage. First time i tried, it errored with "18 minutes left", after trying two more times (giving me a error message with "about one minute left") i dont know what's going on Heres a screen shot of the error Any ideas? i've tried some bios tweaks but im not sure what to aim for (i followed some of the tweaks outlined here: http://lifehacker.com/348653/install-os-x-...cking-required)
  3. okay, i will give that a try when the disc image downloads
  4. Hello The specs of my system are listed in my sig. The software might not be correct anymore as i am upgrading. Last night, i began a installation attempt on my machine to try to install leopard 10.5.0. I followed several guides carefully (This and This one). I had a original Leopard disc image so i followed the instructions to patch it on my Tiger system (before i formatted to install leopard). Everything went okay there so i went to install leopard. After i installed leopard and applied the post install patches, the machine will not boot, a line simply appears as if its trying to load something and nothing happens. If the leopard disc is in the machine, the machine will go into a reboot loop. As a result, i tried installing leopard again, but this time after install, i tried these instructions instead. I didnt follow the steps where i had to use the Kalyway install disc to prep the system, however. So...is it just my hardware doesnt support leopard or is there something i need to add or change to my install procedures or should i just download a new disc image? Any suggestions or recommendations? Help is greatly appreciated and thanks in advance
  5. Um, I'm on Tiger 10.4.10 and im just wondering, is there a new kernel out? I'm currently on Darwin 8.9.1 and im not sure if the kernel was updated for 10.4.10/11. Do i just install everything and not upgrade the kernel? thanks in advance!
  6. Hello Im really troubled on what i should do next I thought after following this guide-->http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=45283 to upgrade to 10.4.9, and using this kernel: http://netkas.freeflux.net/ it would allow my computer to sleep Now, after following this thread--> http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...4283&st=100 i have a few ideas and i was wondering which one you guys would recommend me trying out ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Currently i am using the Titan drivers that came with the JaS install 10.4.8 DVD do you think that the driver is causing the no monitor-wake up problem so should i try install these natit drivers: http://diabolik1605.com/DHF/index.html ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Should i try this program? http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...hl=Sleep+10.4.9 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- or are there any other methods to make sleep work? im not too sure as theres no "definate" guide to make this work Thanks so much for your help
  7. sorry for posting, i found an answer after googling for future reference and other users with the same problem, refer to this guide [How to] Setting Your Partition "Active" Using Fdisk in MacOSX, solve b0 error and some bootloader problems Thanks!
  8. Hello I recently partitioned out my hard drive with the use of G-Parted LIve and then reformatting the partition with the disk util that came with the apple disk However, when it boots, it no longer boots from the first partition (the one with OS X on it) and tries to boot from the newly created partition prompting a "system config file 'library/preferences/systemconfiguration/com.apple.boot.plist' not found" error so...how can i make the bootloader boot from the first partition again?
  9. Safari 3.0.2 for 10.4.8

    uh...it doesnt uninstall
  10. Hello there Finally got NTFS-3G and Macfuse reading my NTFS Windows partition However, they mount as network shares now..and not actual drives well..thats okay..except they cant be written over still (none of my three partitions can be written on) The version of NTFS-3G I'm using is from this site: http://www.daniel-johnson.org/ and the version of macfuse is the latest from their site Here are some screenshots to help describe whats going on Scren1.tiff Notice the Network Share and the permissions denied Screen2.tiff Disk Information If you need more information to help me solve this problem..please feel free to ask for it! Thank you, your help is much appreciated
  11. Two Minor Problems

    Okay so i went to this link and read the posts and stuff http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...p;hl=sleep+sse3 and i have two questions 1) How would i go about backing up my Kernal and Libary/Startup Items folder 2) THe link to Download that file isnt up anymore...does anyone else have it? and Boinkytwo, thanks for the suggestion, ill go about doing that when i get some free time Thanks for your help, i really appreciate it
  12. I've searched through the Forums already and I don't think there's an posting like mine...but if there is a similar case already, please do enlighten me and sorry for the trouble ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lets start off with Hardware and Software installed CPU: Intel P4 630 (3Ghz) Mobo: Asus P5LD2 Graphics: nVidia 6600GT HDD: Seagate Baracuda 7200.10 and Maxtor Diamondmax 10 Apple OSX 10.4.8 Kernel 8.8.1 JaS Install Disc Here are several problems I've run into so far, perhaps theres an answer to some of them Problem 1: When sleep mode occurs, the monitor does not resume but stays in the sleep mode while the machine boots up and runs I've read that there is methods to fix this…but I haven't run across any threads that give you a definite answer on doing this…can anyone point me in any directions? Problem 2: Mac OS X refuses to Mount my Logical NTFS Partition on my Maxtor Diamond max 10 (OS X is installed on my Seagate Barracuda) Here are some pictures of the problem PS: I've already tried NTFS-3G and MacFuse..but probably due to the lack of experience (its my first actual time using a mac for an extended period)...i dont really know how to configure it. Thank you so much for all your help fubeb