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USB key readonly


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hello i read all post,and feel a lot of interesting on livecd or dvd macosx

i tried to do one,but i have not 10.4.8 ,for use your script.

i used 10.4.5.i install it and add the app i wanted.i remove a lot

of things,and after i install it on a usbkey with dasboot.

i put darwinbootloader and startupfiletool.

but i have a problem.

i dont wanna the system use the usb for cache and swap file.

i though on a ramdisk and put use for it.

i have a script to make a ramdisk,but i dont know how doing it before it use swap

and use ln to /system/library/cache and /var/vm


can someone help me? thanks.

are they more caches on macosx ??

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i know that one our member successfully installed 10.4.8 on 4GB flash without any extra settings ...

ordinary installation,just you choose your usb drive instead hard drive .










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