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  1. hello ,how can i download MachTen X Server ,client and yellow dr2?? thanks. i am very interenting in it
  2. cualquiercosa327

    USB key readonly

    hello i read all post,and feel a lot of interesting on livecd or dvd macosx i tried to do one,but i have not 10.4.8 ,for use your script. i used 10.4.5.i install it and add the app i wanted.i remove a lot of things,and after i install it on a usbkey with dasboot. i put darwinbootloader and startupfiletool. but i have a problem. i dont wanna the system use the usb for cache and swap file. i though on a ramdisk and put use for it. i have a script to make a ramdisk,but i dont know how doing it before it use swap and use ln to /system/library/cache and /var/vm can someone help me? thanks. are they more caches on macosx ??
  3. cualquiercosa327

    ideas for live cd - for powerpc and x86 the same cd

    hello again. that morning i make the test in a powerpc machine,a minimac,i have not intelmac. i use bootcd of drive genius which is a dualboot cd,for ppc and intelmac. i install in my minimac the applications i wanted for the cd and use dasboot for make a usbkey boot. when it finish it ,i had a usbkey bootable of 1 gb ,with 714,7 megas of disk fulled. and the app i need.the macosx kernel was 10.4.7 . now i have to reboot and use it ,but i have several problems.the mac doesnt wanna load with usb!! i tried also modifique the bootcd.i make a copy, mount it as readwrite,and add files. and i have a iso with 680 megas. can i copy the full cd in a darwin bootable iso and use on no-mac ppc?? i only did it to know how many space it used ,in usb and/or cd. i think it would interesting make it in a hackintel ,using the same technique,create a usb-key bootloader with that cd ,reboot with it,remove noutils things (ppc binary with Monolingual and use modbin and rammjet script to make a x86 boot cd with programs to restore and data forensic. i dont wanna more programs than terminal and several rescue and forensic utils,and maybe spothlight for searching in data. i think it would be also good,disable sound drivers and other kind of drivers,only activate net,hd ,usb,keyboards and mouses,for booting faster.
  4. hello. i was searching in the net about hd repairing and data rescue on macosx. i discover several programs,and many of them has a dual-bootable cd of tiger with the application. in there website you can read the cd are double boot,for mac and powerpc. the applications are filesalvage 5,diskwarrior,drivegenius. i think if you add the darwin bootloader and change the x86 kernel you would have dual cd. other option is use clone x 3 for make a bootable disk with tiger ,making it in a craked tiger x86,but i think the other is better option. you can also use dasboot to make a usb bootable with macosx. i hope your answers. thanks dani