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Imovie,iphoto or the like


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Hello all,I have Mac OSX (tiger 10.4.9), and the above mentioned do not seem to work.

I have installed all programs like bitrocket,mplayerOSX,Crossover,Photoshop cs2,Acrobat 8,MacMAME etc,etc..and they work fine.

My only problem falls with the "i" suite. so far ive tried ilife (not installing),imovie (not installing), and iphoto (same ol same).


now i wanna know do they have problems running on normal pc ?


below is my pc specs:

Intel Celeron D 2.8ghz

1522 GB DDR2 ram

120GB sata HD

256 nvdia 6200 (yeah its old by now :D )

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I have it on my system and it works great.

I think System 10.4.10 is required to install it.


oh i see now, so now i have to update to 10.4.10.

thanks man.

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