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Need Drivers for dell 3000


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give this a try http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?act...eAC97Audio.kext


You might also want to consider taking a step back to a JaS 10.4.6 DVD, I have played with quite a few Dell systems GX260, 270, and 280, as well as the dell 3000 with a celeron D (SSE3) and a 2.6 P4 533 FSB (SSE2) and a 8400. Most if the time the sound worked fine with the JaS 10.4.6 intel/AMD. SSE2/SSE3 DVD.


I tried the uphuck 1.2 and 1.4i R2 and R3 with a GX270 (close to the Dimension 3000) the system ran a little unstable, no NIC unless I installed a PCI card. Each version of OSX has it's own issues with various hardware, just because you go to a higher or what you would think is a better release of OSX, doesn't mean it will work better with your hardware.


If your not a savy coder, or a Mac Guru most people will not help you figure out your problem on here, or even reply to your post, most are above that. to top it off the search engine is completely worthless.


Another reason your not getting much help is that your installing in a Dell (or other off the shelf computer) Like it honestly takes much of a Brain to install a intel based chipset motherboard in a custom white box case. Food for thought Your using a Intel 865 based Motherboard, next post just say what board your using or Google your dell and find out what sound, NIC or whatever chip set your having problems with. I know it sounds stupid but so is some of the mentality around here. I don't mean to vent but everyone shouldn't have to drive to boarders books and buy a 79.00 book to understand how to install a KEXT or how to find controls to adjust certain settings. I have never seen such a unfriendly "I'm above all that" attitude in a forum in my 11 years of playing with PCs


If you like Dell shop ebay for a GX280, a Dimension 8400 or even a cheap 4550 Download a copy of Uphuck 1.4i R3 and enjoy running OSX86. The Optiplex GX280 is quite cheap, uses a GMA900 chipset it also has PCI express, So you can install a Nvidia 7 series card and your system will be pretty much plug and play. Good Luck!

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