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  1. Install on the Compaq C714NR?

    Yea, I run the Vanilla kernal, and macbookpro SMbios. Battery meter is fine with no added files (C751NR)
  2. Install on the Compaq C714NR?

    did you go into the power management settings and enable the battery meter? I found the settings for that when I was turning off the power managements.
  3. Install on the Compaq C714NR?

    Try using iAtkos v4.0, the battery meter works wih it
  4. Install on the Compaq C714NR?

    Has anyone found a way to get the Atheros 5006x in the C751 to work with iATKOS or another Leo build. I did a strait up install with iAtkos 4.0i and it works fine all but the mic/headphone jacks and the Atheros WiFi
  5. Install on the Compaq C714NR?

    I've been running 2 Gbs on a C751nr since I bought it in May. I don't have the mouse problems but the heating problems still exist. I also got iATKOS i1.0 v2 to dual boot with XP pro with everything 100% working on XP.
  6. iatkos

    I know someone with a 5 meg connection who will be seeding for the next 48 hours, the average person has been DLing iATKOS in 2 to 7 hours depending on YOUR download speed. So far the little I know about iATKOS is it is only for Core-Duo processors. Good luck and post your results
  7. Install Natit's SMbios on the install DVD (uphuck 1.4 R3) This should fix that problem. My advice to you is to go to UPhuck.com and post your questions there. You will get a tiely reply.With that said, Use a partition tool like Partition Magic or Acronis Disk Director (or even Grubb, do a google search) and make sure the partition you installed Mac in is both a primary partition, and Active (flagged bootable) 90% of the time when you get the message you got that is the problem.
  8. I think no drivers are working with any version above 10.4.5
  9. SOunds liks someone is passing a fake around
  10. Mac Mini server

    I'm a little new to Macs, but is it possable to upgrade Mac 10.4.8 client to Mac server with a legit server install number? This is for a college project so I know there are better hardware choices for a real server, what I need is even a fully functional trial if nothing else
  11. Mac OS X 10.5 on x86

    will leopard work on non-HPET machines?
  12. OSx86 server 10.4.7?

    If you just want to play with server do a clean install. Go to the Usual Place and do a search for D.D. 10.4.7 server/client. it will work as long as you don't enable web services or get on the internet with it or all the server services will lock out.
  13. Mac Server 10.4.7 on X86

    I installed the DD 10.4.7 on a Dell 270 with 2 gig of ram and a 80 gig pata drive and it worked flawless, I could manage web server, FTP, turn ports off and on, and even started setting up a directory. Then after about two days all the server functions grayed out and I get the message about invalid serial number. I don't think I honestly even need to upgrade to 10.4.8. I'd just be happy to have the webserver functions. thanks for all your help and I'll post back here in a week or two if I get time to play with a 10.4.8 or 10.4.9 upgrade.
  14. IDE drivers needed with uphuck 1.4i R3?

    Run setup again and just reinstall JUST the sata drivers under the system menu on the setup screen, If you read the description of the sata drivers it says drivers for both sata and pata. As far as the Jmicron goes I don't believe uphuck 1.14 R3 supports it. Also after your done repair your permissions
  15. Gateway 7330GZ Laptop

    I loaded JaS 10.4.8 AMD/Intel, sse2/sse3 into my Gateway 7330GZ. So far I got the onboard wireless (BMC 40100) working with the JaS wireless installer, the drivers for the wired NIC were on the install DVD, Video (intel 855G/845G) is at 1024x768, firewire, and USB work. With that said what doesn't work is the Conexant 2 port sound card. I have searched the site and only found one thing to try from a guy named RAMM. I now got the sound icon in the upper task bar next to the time and sometimes it makes a popping sound out the speakers when I should get sound but other than that I'm lost. is there a easy way to make this work? some simple command lines or a installer? I'm somewhat new to mac so any push in the right direction, even just to find a good known working how to (and yes I was already at the wiki) would be much appreciated. thanks in advance.