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new iMac or Refurbished?

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I am buying an iMac soon, optimizing space as I am moving into a small studio soon. It will be used mainly to surf the net, play WoW and watch dvds on.


My question is, performance wise for WoW, would I be better off with


a) the new iMac for $1199 core 2 duo 2.0ghz, 1gb ram, radeon hd 2400xt 128mb, or


B) a refurbished iMac for $1099 core 2 duo 2.16ghz, 1gb ram, radeon x1600 128mb ram.


I will be adding an extra 1gb of ram to either machine, and I get an educational discount on the new iMac which will make the price the same.


Right now I am using Vista Home Premium on a PentiumD 820 with 2gb or Ram and a 7600GS. I will only run OS X on the iMac. What kind of FPS difference will I see, etc?


These are my only choices due to budget and I cannot and will not spend any more as I do not have the funds.


Thanks for the help.

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Actually the refurbished mac will be equal, if not better than the new one. Yes, the 2400xt is not the hottest card out. Either way the difference is small, so I say get the refurbished! I think your hack *might* have better gfx performance than both of them.


Anyway, either is fine for WOW and movies :help:

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