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Cannot mount ntfs HD - no Partitions found?


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Hi there!


My specs are in my Sig.


I have one 300 GB IDEHD from Maxtor for my Data. The whole Disk i didn`t partition it.

So in the past month` it was sometimes when i reinstalled my osx from JAS 10.4.8ppf1+ppf2 that HD got automounted. Now (same distr. - same System) all drives are automounted except that 300GB. He can even automount the xp-disk: 40GB-ntfs. When i look in disutility it says the drive is unformatted and there are no partitions on it, but i know there are about 200GB files on it. I tried also to mount manually, but without success. I tried to install macfuse+ntfs3g and nothing.


It seems that it cannot read the p-table, is there any prog or setting for fixing it?

So whats going wrong here?

Anybody an idea?


Sorry for my bad english, but who cares!


Really THANK YOU in advance!!!

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Man your treat is completely different to mine, if you can read!

I already have installed os x. and i don`t have any SATA-drive.

And Disk utility sees all of my HD`s.

It cannot read Partition table - thats my problem!!!



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