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Ignore trackpad input when external mouse plugged in - Now in Windows!


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Hey guys, I don't know if anyone knows what I'm talking about, but in OS X, there's this option that disables input from the trackpad when an external mouse is plugged in. I couldn't find something similar to that for Windows, and since I use Boot Camp to play a few games in Windows and my palms keep swiping the corners of the trackpad (thereby making my aim wonky) I wanted something that would have the same effect.


So I Googled. And searched. And searched. :blink:


Best solution was to go to Control Panel and disable the mouse. But I'm lazy, I want something to do it for me, automatically, if possible.


So, in the interest of pure laziness, I... wrote a utility to do pretty much exactly that. It supports manually enabling or disabling the trackpad, and also automatically enabling and disabling it when an external mouse is plugged in/removed.




So, if any of you guys are using Windows to play games or do anything else, and you have the same issue with the trackpad that I do, hopefully this helps you guys out too.


If not, well, thanks for reading and I'm jealous of your smaller palms and/or dexterous avoidance of palm/trackpad slippage! :angry2:


Note: Still might be bugs and things. Feedback appreciated, but constructively, of course ;)



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Start-> Control Panel-> Mouse Device Settings


There is a [ ] Disable internal pointing device when external USb pointing device is attached.



I agree Ivan, I fail to see the point of this thread.


I've had that option since the 90's on my laptops from Gateway and Dell.

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