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Quick guide to A2DP on 9A499


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It's functional, but it's a bit buggy. Here's how you do it.

1. Open System Preferences.

2. Go to Bluetooth, add new device.

3. Pair your stereo bluetooth headphones. When the time comes, it'll ask if you want to use them for headphones and as a headset. Uncheck the headset option, but keep the headphone option checked.

4. When it's finished pairing, select it on the list and hit the gear icon at the bottom. Check "Use Headphones." I don't think this dropdown list works yet, but this is what I did.

5. Hit Show All and go to Sound Preferences.

6. Go to the Output tab, and in the list you should see your internal speakers or whatever and your bluetooth headphones. Click your bluetooth headphones.

7. Wait a few seconds, you might hear the headphones make a click or a "power up" chime. If not, try playing music in iTunes. It should hang for a moment, then play music through your headphones!


Now here's the important part! Turning them off.

1. Stop any audio playback.

2. Go to System Preferences > Sound > Output

3. Select your internal speakers or whatever you used before.

4. Close this and power off your headphones.


If you don't disconnect them like this, it gets all pissed off when you try to re-enable them and often ends up in crash/reboot/re-pairing.



And now that you've got your headphones working, rip them apart!

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