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7600GS AGP and latest NVidia divers?


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Here's my setup: Asrock 4coredual vsta with 7600GS agp card, running OS X 10.4.10 - 8.9.1 kernel, installed NV drivers, AGP gart 2.1, natit 0.1 and Titan from jas 10.4.8 - dual monitor working and all options fully working.


Now, my question is: since my NV drivers are still from jas 10.4.8, are there any benefit running the new NVidia drivers? Heard that they deliver better OpenGL support and some other performance boosts. Tried installing the latest ones but no luck, boot -v hangs at "loginwindow". Tried pretty much all the different combinations of natit and the agpgarts.


Is anyone out there running the latest nvidia drivers and how did they get them up and running? I've been browsing the forum for days without finding a solution so any links or suggestions would be more than welcome.



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