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How to Install 10.4.1 on Inspiron 1150


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This tutorial is for anyone who may be confused about installing the Deadmoo image on their laptop.


1. Boot up ubuntu or knoppix or whatever live cd you have. If you don't know what I'm talking about, start here.


2. Open up the terminal. Now type "sudo su" without the quotes. (Located in the accessories menu at the top right by clicking applications.)


3. Open up the file explorer menu in the places tab at the top right. (If you're good with the terminal just cd into the directory where the tiger-x86-flat.img is)


4. Now in the terminal type "dd bs=1048576 if=" (Without the quotes)

5. Drag the tiger-x86-flat.img into the terminal. (advanced users who cd'd in just type "./tiger-x86-flat.img" with no quotes)


6. Now type "of /dev/hda" where hda is the harddrive you want to put this image on. NOTE: THIS WILL ERASE ALL DATA ON THIS HARDDRIVE!!!!! BACKUP YOUR STUFF FIRST!!


7. Hit Enter. This can take around ten minutes or more. Just be patient.


8. When it tells you the around 6 g/bytes were written and you see ubuntu with a $ sign at the end you are done. OS X is installed.


9. Now it's time to reboot. Shutdown ubuntu or whatever you are using and start up the computer.


10. You will see something called darwin at a black and white screen when you reboot. If this does not happen, you may have installed to the wrong harddrive. It will give you an option to type something in at boot. Hit any button on your keyboard, and then type "platform=x86pc" (without quotes of course).


11. OS X will start to boot. After this you will see an ugly greyscale 800x600 version of OS X. Don't worry we're going to fix this. Go over to the Tiger-x86 button at the top left of the desktop and open it. Now go into the Applications menu and the Utilities menu from there scroll down to the bottom and open the terminal. (yay!)


12. Type in "cd /System/Library/Extensions" without the quotes. Now type in "sudo su" (you guessed it! No qoutes. And by the way, the password is bovinity)


13. Now type "rm -R AppleIntel915.kext" (no quotes for you!) Then type "rm -R AppleIntel830.kext" (it's pretty much implied now)


14. Type "cd AppleIntelIntegratedGraphics.kext". Now type "cd Contents" and after that Type "nano Info.plist"


15. Whoa! Where am I? This is basically a text editor. Hit the down key until you find some carrot symbols (< and >) around the word PCIMatch. Now scroll over to it, and hit the down button so that you are on level below it. Now you will see a few sets of numbers. The one at the end should start with 3582. If it does now simply delete the first four numbers of that set and change it to 3582. Now delete the first two before it so that 3582 is the only one on the list.


16. Now hit Ctrl-X and then Y and then Hit Enter. Now type Reboot into the terminal.


17. OS X will reboot. Now you will get the same black and white screen from before. Type in platform=x86pc again.


18. OS X will boot in all of it's full color glory!!!


Well 18 Steps later, you're done.


Special Thanks to the folks at uneasysilence.org for providing the install command from ubuntu and a special thanks to the folks at the osx86 wiki for providing the device id.


Rosetta doesn't work as the Inspiron 1150 has an sse2 processor, so Applications like Safari and iTunes don't work. Don't fret, there is a way to get this working. I am just not sure how. In exchange for this guide will someone please write (or point me to) a guide that tells me how to do this?




Dylan Demora

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