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  1. Cheap USB sound from Ebay?

    Hey everyone, I haven't been to these forums in almost a year, so I'm back. It's nice to see lots of new people, and the size of the community has grown greatly. Anyway, if anyone recalls, I have an HP dv6245us with the Conexant HD audio. As far as I know, there is still no solution for headphone out/microphone. I have been looking at USB sound dongles on ebay and came across this: Clicky Has anyone ever tried this before? Is it any good? Am I better off spending more money and getting a creative USB sound dongle?
  2. HP internal microphone not working

    okay.. I also have the conexant HD audio in my HP laptop. Unfortunately for us, there is no working solution for microphone/headphone out as of yet. From what I understand, Taruga is working on some sort of patcher, but its still in early stages of development. If you absolutely have to have mic and headphone out, I would recommend getting some sort of USB sound solution ($ 30-50 off ebay.) Alternatively you can wait for Taruga's patcher, but I wouldn't hold my breath
  3. HP internal microphone not working

    You need to specify what kind of onboard sound you have, or at least what model HP. Just saying you have an HP isn't enough for anyone to help you...
  4. actually, most core duo/core2duo chips will work. for example, I have an HP dv6245 which has a core2duo t5200 and an intel GMA950 gfx chip. Both work very well with osx86. There is a limitation with dell BIOS's that may not allow for both cores to work. As for your question about ATI/Nvidia, it doesn't really matter. You just have to do some searching around these forums to make sure whatever card you decide to go with is gonna be supported with the current titan/natit drivers. As a side note, if u arent gonna be gaming or using graphic intensive apps, an onboard solution such as a GMA950 is your best bet (its the same chip used in the macbook, so it has to work )
  5. oops... sorry, i misread and thought that you had a intel 3595 wifi card. yep, your dell card will work. My HP dv6245us had the intel card, and I had to mod the bios and install a dell card. Now wifi works like a charm. Like jostftx said, i dont think ur video is supported yet.. Right now, on a notebook, your best bet is a GMA 950 or similar...
  6. ur wifi isnt going to work... dell truemobile cards work better. idk about video.
  7. Windows Partition Disappeared?

    yeh, I tried that. windows partition still won't mount. now, after I select OSX from the bootloader, It says: "error starting the system... pausing 5 seconds." then it continues to boot.
  8. iMovie HD wont work

    yep, thats the pacifist you're looking for... basically what it does is allows you install all the packages manually, without using the installer. I came across some other topic about doing this, and the original poster ran into problems getting it to run, etc. I take back what I said earlier, don't use pacifst to install ilife '08. You can use a 10.4.8 install dvd, and if you want your wireless working, just backup the corresponding kext from 10.4.6 and replace it after installing 10.4.8. What kind of wireless card do you have? this will give some insight into what kext you need to back up. In fact, can you post specs to your setup so I can see if it'll be possible to install 10.4.8? on a related note, you may have a better time trying to get your video card running with a newer install and kernel.
  9. Thought: the Apple Motherboard

    In theory, this idea is great. It allows people to build their own mac systems. In reality though, Apple probably wouldn't allow it. The Apple name is associated with well-built, beautiful high-end computers. Allowing anyone to just buy components and piece together their own mac will take away from this image. Macs would just become...ahem.. PC's. Also, having everyone with their own components will increase the need for apple support, because face it, some "normal" (doesn't have a clue about computers) people will try to buy the motherboard kit and build their own system. When something goes wrong, who are they gonna call? Apple support.... Basically, its just too much trouble for Apple to deal with.
  10. Battery icon

    sure thing. mine says "calculating..." also but I haven't figured out how to fix it, I think my battery doesn't support time calculation though, cause it doesnt show time in windows either
  11. iWork '08 on non QE/CI machines, is it possible?

    maybe this is Apple's way of forcing people to not use hackintoshes?
  12. Battery icon

    http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...c=57366&hl= This should work
  13. Hey everyone, I recently used PerfectDisk to do a boot-time defrag of my vista parition. I set the options to do Master Boot Record and System File defrag, and now when I boot into OSX, my Vista disk no longer shows up on my desktop. I tried going into disk utility and selecting mount, but it doesn't do anything. Both OS's still boot fine. I have my hard drive partitioned as follows: 120 GB OSX86 (HFS+) 40GB for Windows Vista (NTFS) The Vista partition is recognized in Disk Utility as disk0s2 and the OSX partition is disk0s1, oh and I'm using darwin bootloader. Thanks in advance for your help
  14. iMovie HD wont work

    yeah i would recommend getting at least a 10.4.8+ Install DVD then using 10.4.10 update floating around on Piratebay... Another thing you could try doing is installing ilife via Pacifist. that way, you'll skip past the version check... might not work though, idk. lucky... I wish I had ilife 08...