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Hey guys, so I already have vista and XP installed. Those are on the same drive but different partitions.I want to install OSX on a different drive. Now, I want to keep the vista boot loader.My question is: Can't I just add mac osx to the vista bootloader using easybcd before I do the install of osx? won't that technically make it work?

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if you install OSX , i'm not sure, but the MBR will be overwritten.

If you want to boot Vista, you will get an error, you must Repair your Vista installation via der VISTA DVD.


At least this was my experience, when i make my QuaD-BooT !


You can use XFDisk (no linux support!) XP / Vista / OSX works fine...


Good luck....

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I am triple booting XP, Vista and OSX

What I did was this:


C:\Windows XP

Resizing the partition and installed OSX, edited the boot.ini and created a dual booting system with help of chain0 in the root and calling that from boot.ini


Proceeded to install vista, started the installation from within XP but opted to install it on drive D - a clean install but dual booting with XP



The vista bootloader includes

Previous version of Windows


OSX 10.4.x - press F8 for options


So from the XP as also from the Vista bootloader I have the option to select the chain0 OSX bootloader.

From the OSX bootloader I still have the option to return to windows XP and boot Windows or I can choose to boot OSX


Very easy, but only when Vista is installed after XP.

You can continue using the Vista Bootloader and still insert the XP bootloader by adding an entry into the boot.ini and editing in option to dual boot. The MBR will not get changed doing this and you'll still have the option to select OSX after you selected WindowsXP. You need to use the chain0 boot option though. It is possible to edit the Bootloader from Vista but that's best done with third party tools.

This way it can be done without any thirdparty tools.

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