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Dock & Dashboard problems


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I was getting the kernel panics from the 10.4.10 airport bug until I reinstalled the wireless-N update. One of those crashes damaged my Dock and Dashboard:


I have no right click (or Ctrl-Click) functionality in the Dock. Context menu works fine everywhere else, but the items in the Dock do not respond. It's especially irritating when I want to close an app down, because I need to go down to the dock to select it and then up to the menu bar to close it.


The Dashboard icon reappeared in my Dock (I had "swooshed" it away, because I use expose to get to the dashboard) as a blank paper icon. I am unable to "swoosh-away" any of the items in my Dock. I can add applications, but I cannot remove them without a plist edit.


The Dashboard: When the plus-in-a-circle at the bottom left is selected, all the widgets produce small white squares where the "close" buttons should appear, although they do work as close buttons. The list of widgets at the bottom does not have arrows at the side of the screen to scroll through the long list, so I am only able to choose from the widgets that fit on the screen.


I have created new accounts and they have these very same symptoms, so the problem is not restricted to my user account. I have scoured the plist and preferences files trying to find something that might help, with no luck. I have deleted plist files to allow osx to rebuild them, but it doesn't make a difference. Repair Permissions does not find any permissions to repair. I have tried Repairing Permissions from the install disk without any results either.


Does anyone have any ideas I could try before I go to the trouble of a full reinstall?


By the way, this is an 8 month old Macbook Pro 2.33 C2D. Don't let anyone tell you that Mac OS is more reliable than Win XP. It's a great OS and I love it, but it's not some flawless gem.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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