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vmware under windows and osx under parallels...

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i have a macbook.

I hate windows with a passion. please excuse the weird characters in my post im running leopard cos im on the seed programm and this build is a bit weirtd with posting in firefox.

anyway, i want to play windows games, and wine and crossover dont work for this particular game, and dx support is not good enough for parralels and vmware fusion under osx.


so, i decided to install the vmware image, and run it under windows as soon as the shell starts, so i have the game i want to play, and the illlusion of osx.

got it all set up in vmware fusion and then booted into windows. ran the image, and it goes fine


VMWARE under windows doesnt have 1280 x800 vesa support. even tho vmware fusion does?!?!

so i want to install it in parallels instead.


anyone done it?


oh and just for laughs, im innstalled on fat32, so i used macdrive to run the image off my hfs partition seeing as how fat32 gant deal with files larger than 4 gigs.....

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