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  1. Apparently you've gotten the Insanely CENSORED treatment twice in Reader News. :(

  2. i hope apple destroys pystar. its one thing to have a small group of hobbyists sharing information and homebrew drivers like insanelymac, Its another thing entirely to have some sleazy scumbag ripping off everyone who has contributed here by profiting from everyones hard work. I hope apple ruin this guy, I hope he loses everything he owns and his girl dumps him and his dog bites him in the balls.
  3. this project needs to distance itself from these guys. Its one thing for us to tinker around, and install leopard for personal use on our own hardware, apple would prefer we paid for hardware from them, but in effect most users here end up buying apple hardware as well... This guy is trying to make a profit from all the hard work that has gone on here, and he has no right to. Apple will come down on him like a ton of bricks, and will likely as a result take action against the osx86 project as a whole, and more than likely implement much tougher measures as they identify a commercial threat. We need to publicly denounce this guy as the money grubbing dirt bag that he is, attempting to profit on other peoples efforts.
  4. i have a macbook. I hate windows with a passion. please excuse the weird characters in my post im running leopard cos im on the seed programm and this build is a bit weirtd with posting in firefox. anyway, i want to play windows games, and wine and crossover dont work for this particular game, and dx support is not good enough for parralels and vmware fusion under osx. so, i decided to install the vmware image, and run it under windows as soon as the shell starts, so i have the game i want to play, and the illlusion of osx. got it all set up in vmware fusion and then booted into windows. ran the image, and it goes fine except THE FRICKEN RESOLUTION IS BUNG. VMWARE under windows doesnt have 1280 x800 vesa support. even tho vmware fusion does?!?! so i want to install it in parallels instead. anyone done it? oh and just for laughs, im innstalled on fat32, so i used macdrive to run the image off my hfs partition seeing as how fat32 gant deal with files larger than 4 gigs.....
  5. nOOb question on Boot Camp

    just download a xp sp2 cd burn it to cd and install using your cd key from your legitimately purchased xp upgrade. Its heaps easier than trying to do somethign that people much smarter than you would find cumbersome.
  6. Windows no longer boots

    boot off the xp cd, drop to the recovery console enter your admin pass do fixmbr and then do fixboot c:
  7. Keyboard doesn't work in XP

    you should boot off your xp cd and do a driver rebuild. 01. Boot the Recovery Console, either from the menu, if you installed it from the CD-ROM with \i386\winnt32.exe /cmdcons, or by booting the CD-ROM and pressing R on the Welcome to Setup screen. 02. Type the number that corresponds to your damaged installation and press Enter. 03. When prompted, enter the local Administrator password, which may be null, and press Enter. 04. Type cd system32 and press Enter. 05. Type cd config and press Enter. 06. Type del System and press Enter. 07. type copy c:\windows\repair\system and press Enter, where C: is the drive letter on which Windows XP is installed and windows is the folder it is installed in. You should receive: 1 file(s) copied. 08. Type exit and press Enter to restart Windows.
  8. If Apple reads this.. Here is a GREAT IDEA!

    maby somone who is on the seed list could submit an enhancement request....
  9. The Blue Screen

    what did you install before it broke?
  10. Leopard Start up

    on my macbook, i had leopard installed fine, im quadbooting so reinstall is not an option unless i want to start from scatch Again i installed adium and growl and cleardock. resulting in teh issue you describe. booted into single user, deleted cleardock prefs and growl and removed adium from startup itiems, still no good. as soon as aqua starts it just sits there with no login.
  11. linux on macbook

    has anyone managed scrolling on the tracpad wiht the synaptcs driver?
  12. the reason you got a hall.dll error is becuase your boot.ini says what partition your systemroot is, and when you change your drive geometry (add or remove partitions) if you may have changed the number that the partion your systemroot resides in. you would need to edit your boot.ini and change it to point to the correct partiton. as for teh otehr error, it may be the same thing, it might think its looking at partition x, but its really looking at partition x+or- 1 and so its seing it as corrupt because its not what it thinks it should be. hope you find this in some way helpful. perhaps when you added a partition, you then installed xp on the partition that would have been labeled g:\ ? \
  13. quadruple boot.

    hey cool! thanks domino im going to update my old skool xgl now heheh
  14. quadruple boot.

    i was wondering why they ripped out that without removing the dependentcies in the other packages, or have they been superceded also? is there a complete compiz/glx package on that site? I like it here linux is like one of those 5000 piece puzzles, you know what you want it to look like, and the closer it gets to looking that way the more time you spend on it, and then you finish it, and then you realise its just taking up space, so you get rid of it, and then you miss it, so you start putting it back together...... problems are mostly what i tried to outline, biggest issue would be you can potentially need to reinstall everything from scratch cos your playing with partitioning, if you have anything mission critical i wouldnt advise it uf you already have a fair clue hwat your doing, you will find this a resource, but its not a colour by numbers
  15. quadruple boot.

    start with a fresh install. install bootcamp repartition your drive into three partitions, shrink your osx, and add a linux, and windows, make yur windows partition fairly large, as you will be splitting it into two. install refit install linux using this procedure, http://wiki.onmac.net/index.php/Triple_Boo...BootCamp_Ubuntu WITH THE FOLLOWING CAVEATS! IF YOU DONT KNOW WHAT TO USE TO EDIT USE nano its easy, just go : nano /directory/file.whatever (use control - o to write the file (save) and use control x to exit. ) you can use the ubuntu partitioner, you dont haf to use parted, you will still need to use parted later to set the partition active, but you dont want to use the first part that talks about makefs.... so ignore that bit. do NOT connect your network cable untill the install is completed. The grub installer WILL fail, but it will work once you install lilo. When you CHroot you may find you will have no dns lookup for that terminal, if so just create a /etc/resolv.conf with nameserver <your isp's primary dns> MAKE SURE you run apt-get update and dont forget to add the correct repositorys. to your apt config Dont worry, it will not kill your mbr. install vista (you will need to delete your efi partition at this point.) once you have vista installled, use the partition manager in controlpanel, admin utils, storage, disk manager, to shrink your vista partition, create a new simple partition make it fat32. (i like the vista partition manager, its nice and fast.) boot off your xp cd, install xp on the fat 32 partition. vista will not boot now, but dont panic. boot into xp, install vistaboot pro, use the utility to reinstall the boot manager. delete the file "bootmgr" from the xp partition, and if you have any issues with getting refit to boot your xp partition jsut boot off the xp cd, go into recovery console, select your xp install and type fixboot. boot into the live cd on linux, chroot back into your native install, (as per previous instructions) change your etc/fstab to show sda2 instead of sda3 run lilo again, and select the sda2 partition as your partition numbers changed whne you deleted the efi partition. reboot, and with any luck you will be quadbooting. some additional pointers, if you want to install xgl, you will have an issue with gset-compiz. grab it from here http://www.beerorkid.com/compiz/pool/main/g/gset-compiz/