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from 10.4.5 to upgrade

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i have installed OSX on 2 computer and works


a computer with xp pro e vmware server and works


a computer with ubuntu server and vmware server and works too...


but when i upgrade osx i have some problem when booting...


and osx don't start...


some suggest?



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What did you upgrade with? If you just updated the OS using Apple Software Update, you will have to reinstall OS X on VMware unless you have a snapshot because the updates provided by Apple aren't compatible with Hackintoshes unless you restore old kernels and extensions. Just a side note, the latest stable version you can update to is 10.4.8. The 10.4.9 and 10.4.10 kernels are unstable and can cause your virtual machine not to boot. Use the guide here to update to 10.4.8.


Another thing...What is the problem you have when booting. What is the exact error?

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