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I have a Logitech Quickcam 4000 pro.


I'm currently on 10.4.8 (upgraded from 10.4.6 with EGWan easy upgrader).

It appears to work fine with macam-driver and quicktime plugin.


I remember having problems that after awhile this stops working with previous versions (upto 10.4.7). So I don't believe it'll last. The Mic-input from this webcam works fine though. So voice-chatting (e.g. skype) works fine. The webcam works fine through the LAN but I haven't tried it over the internet (with e.g. Skype or aMSN orso).


I discovered that the logitech drivers (as supplied with the accompaining CDROM) are modified (older) IOXperts drivers which run under rosseta so presumable the macam-stuf oughta work better.


But for now it works with my Hackintosh


Hope this helps

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