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dvd/quicktime video playback stutters sound out of sync

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OK, first of all thanks to everyone that helped me getting thins thing up and running this is the irst post I have made using my Hackintosh. I never did get the Acer 3680 integrated lan or broadcom wireless to work, but I got the texas instruments PCMCIA working (thanks to several threads here) and then got a broadcom chipset linksys working very well. So here is the only thing left to figure out:


I am running Jas 10.4.8 patched to 10.4.9


I had to install the audio kexts from the koolkat 10.4.10 update cd (although the kernel killed my machine, so only used those drivers) to get it to work.


I have the HD audio Dev 0883 using this tutorial:






My sound works, but crackles on the first few seconds of playback, so almost all event sounds sound like crackles, but music will "warm up" and start playing This wouldn't bother so much if that was the only problem, but I can't play video without some major issues. My video chipset is the intel 950, so it worked right out the box, however when I play DVDs or quicktime files the video stutters and the sound gets out of sync


here is my sound device info (if that helps)


Sound card device id in windows:



Controller id:



Thanks for anyhelp! It would be cool to be able to watch movies on this while i'm camping! Then I can get rid of vista all together!

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