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MacDrive 7


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You can install MacDrive 7 in Windows and access your osx partition to fix or delete any files that you may have messed up.


Good tool to have around when doing all these trial and errors.

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My bad.


By the way, for those who likes to work or venture into the terminal console and prefers the dos equivalent of "dir", you can create a script that will automatically run "ls -l|more" for you.


do a "sudo vi filename <==(call it whatever you want. I used "L"). Hit "a" to add and type in the ls with the options you'd use most like the one above. Hit "esc", "shift+colon" and finally "wq" to create the file. Then do a "sudo chmod +x on the filename to make it executable. Oh yeah, you'll want to do this in the "bin" directory where you'll find all the other commands like ls, chmod, etc.


In "vi", the escape key brings you out of editing mode. Here are a few common keys:


a = add

i = insert

x = delete

dd = deletes a line

o = inserts a line

shift+colonwq = write and quit

shift+colon$ = brings you to the end of the file



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