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OSx86 Question?

Herb Trevathan

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I bought a mac book and was so pleased I bought an iMac. My old windows machine is just a network attached storage tank with all of my old IDE hard drives stacked in it. It has impressive hardware it is just an xp pro machine I used for graphic and web design.


How do I install my copies of OSX on it and make it a Mac? I have both sets of disks that came with the new macbook and the iMac.


I don't need it to work. I just might actually use it if it were an OSX machine...it has useful burners and I/O ports for storage media.


Thank You in advance



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How do I install my copies of OSX on it and make it a Mac? I have both sets of disks that came with the new macbook and the iMac.


no way.


you must to download Hackintos OS (mac os for pc machines) ....




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ok bro, first of all go HERE,and read whole page...

see your machine compatibility with hackintosh ...


if you have everything what iHack require ,that we`ll talk about some downloading :(




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I do not see my machine on the HCL here is what I have.


HP pavillion a300n


**I have installed 1GB of Ram and a 160 GB HD as well as other internal Hard drives.


All unneccessary software has been removed to free up adobe software to run smoothly.


Two DVD Burners have been added, one is a lightscribe.


The rest of the mods are external firewire or usb.


Motherboard Supplier ASUS

Motherboard Name Manufacture name: P4G533


HP/Compaq name: Echo

System BIOS Supplier ASUS/Award

Form Factor uATX

Processor Brand Intel

Processor Socket Type mPGA478

Processor Family P4 and Celeron (Willamette, Northwood)

Proc. Front Side Bus Freq. 400 MHz

Chipset Name 845GL

Chipset "North Bridge" 845GL

revision/stepping A1

Chipset "South Bridge" ICH4

Revision/stepping A1

Super I/O ITE

Revision/stepping IT8708F

Flash BIOS Device 2 MB Flash EEPROM

Memory Type DDR

Memory Speed PC2100/PC1600

Memory Sockets 2 DIMM

Maximum Memory 1 GB

Graphics Supplier Intel

Graphics Configuration Down, In Chipset

Onboard Graphics Memory UMA/up to 64 MB

Graphics Connector (AGP) None

TV-Out Device No

TV-Out Configuration AGP TVout card

Audio AC'97 Down

AC'97 CODEC Device Realtek ALC202A

Audio Jacks (Legend below) M,LI,LO,SO

M Microphone

LI Line In

LO Line Out

SO Speaker

M/G Midi/Game

Ethernet 10/100 LAN Supplier Realtek RTL8100

Ethernet Configuration PCI, Down

IDE UDMA Modes ATA-66/100

Expansion Slots (AGP/PCI/Exten) 3 PCI

USB Ports 6

USB Front/Back Options 2F+4B

Serial, Parallel, Floppy, PS2 Kbd and Mouse 1S,1P,1F,PS2 K+M

Serial Port Front Chassis Option No



More: -----------------------------------------------------------------------



Product number


Product introduction date


Country/region sold in


* United States

* Canada



Base processor

Intel Celeron 2.6 GHz



400 MHz Front side bus


Socket mPGA478




Motherboard manufacturer




Motherboard specifications



Component Attributes

RAM (installed) 256 MB DDR SDRAM (1 x 256 MB)

Maximum allowed 1 GB (2 x 512 MB) requires replacement of the installed 256 MB DIMM

Speed supported PC2700 MB/sec (messages as PC2100)

Type 184 pin, DDR SDRAM

DIMM slots Two

Open slots One


Type Attributes

Primary cache (L1) 8 KB of data cache + 12K micro-op cache

Secondary (L2) 512 KB

Hard drive



40 GB Ultra DMA


5400 rpm


CD-RW drive

48x/12x/48x maximum speed

Diskette drive

1.44 MB (3.5-inch)


High-speed V.92 ready data/fax modem

Video graphics

Integrated Intel Extreme graphics with up to 64 MB shared video memory


Integrated AC97 audio


* Integrated AC97 audio

* Six speaker configurable



Integrated 10/100Base-T networking interface


MPEG2 for full-motion digital video

External ports

Port type Quantity Location

USB (2.0) Five (one front and four back) One front, 4 rear

7-in-1 media card reader (supports Compact Flash I/II, SmartMedia, Memory Stick Pro, MultiMediaCard, Secure Digital (SD), and IBM MicroDrive) One card, four slots Front

Serial One Rear

Parallel One Rear

PS/2 Keyboard One Rear

PS/2 Mouse One Rear

VGA One Rear

Microphone/Headphone/Line-in One each Front

Expansion slots (total)

Slot type Quantity

PCI Three (two open)



Drive bays (total)

Bay type Quantity

5.25-inch, external Two (one available)

3.5-inch, external Two (both occupied)

3.5-inch, internal Two (one available)

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non compatible processor ... :(


you need at least SSE2 processor function ...


quote from wiki page :


Info for newbies


If you want to install OSX on your Intel or AMD computer, your computer processor needs to support at least SSE2. You can check this with a program called CPU-Z.




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Herb Trevathan, you can install osx86 on your old machine


look at my specs


Motherboard - Asrock P4145GV, w/ built-in graphics, LAN only

CPU - Intel Celeron 2.4 ghz, SSE2 capable only

Memory - 512 MB DDR only

Hard Drive - 40 GB, ATA only

Graphics - Geforce FX5200 128mb 64bit only, with QI/CI Supported

OS - Jas OSX86 4.9/semthex 8.9.1 + WinXP Pro + Uphuck 4.9 v1.3



***intel celeron is at least sse2 capable.

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Thank You...does that mean that my processor is capable of running OSX? The computer was fast with graphic work and windows xp...I did tweak it and lean it down as far as the windows OS goes to keep it from slowing itself up. I just can't get over how my macbook runs circles around it and is so much more user friendly now that "I" know how to use "It". I really do not even want a dual boot system just an OSX machine would be great. Last night I unhooked it and put it away. My wife and I just had a baby boy "Caleb Benjamin Trevathan" on 07-11-2007 so that will be his first computer in a few years. I would like to run OSX on it as we have found alot of cool kids stuff for Mac. Who knows by then I will just buy him a new Mac or he will inherit one of ours. My work will some how justify a new iMac if they make a dramatic change.


It is crazy that that computer works great and I have no desire to use it at all for anything. Hmmm.

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not a problem, any moderator can delete or transfer a specific topic post.


anyways, just pm me or post your queries here if you need some help installing osx86, il try my best to help you, and the rest of the osx86 community.

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non compatible processor ... :wacko:


you need at least SSE2 processor function ...


quote from wiki page :




sorry guys my mistake ... :unsure:


glad about that :)




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Hey I'm just glad it will work. Hoorah.


It won't necessarily work. Check the wiki's HCL list for specific compatibility with your hardware (not just your whole machine).

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Download cpuz and it will tell you if your processor supports SSE2 or SSE2 & SSE3. Knowing exactly what it supports can help choose which installation DVD you download.


How do I install my copies of OSX on it and make it a Mac? I have both sets of disks that came with the new macbook and the iMac.
Now that we're more or less certtain your process will work (fingers crossed) lets go back to one of the original questions. You can't use the DVDs which came with your mac to put OS X on your pc. Neither can you purchase different DVDs to install OS X on a PC. All you can do is download an illegal hacked version of OS X which has the capability to be installed on a PC as long as it meets certain requirements (SSE2 and above). But just because your processor has SSE2 doesn't mean all is well. There may be issues with your motherboard and so on and on...
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