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Parallels Bootcamp using Darwin as bootloader and with no pvs edit.

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The only way that I've found to use Windows via Parallels(on the same disk with OSX) was to make the Windows partition active and obvious use the bootloader of Windows with chain0 method to boot in OSX, but now with this "trick" you can use Darwin Bootloader (with OSX partition active that I prefer) and a floppy image to boot Windows from parallels and WITHOUT editing the pvs file of the virtual machine.



The only thing you have to do is:


1. Create a new virtual machine

2. Select bootcamp for HardDrive

3. Make floppy boot before hard drive

4. Use tha attached image for the floppy drive and flag the "Connect at Startup"

5. Enjoy.


Then you will see the classic Windows Bootloader askin' this.






P.S. I have made the second partition the default you have just to edit in Windows the boot.ini file that is contained in the floopy image to chanfge timeout, default partition etc.


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Thanks for your post Cele_82. I gave your method a go but was unsuccessful in booting Windows XP via Parallels when my OSX parition was set to active. The VM hung after selecting the Windows XP partition (it did not get to the Windows loading splash screen).


I am running a dual-boot system. Single hard drive with two partitions: Windows XP @ disk0s1 and OSX @ disk0s2. At the moment I am using the chain0 method and Windows bootloader to manage dual-booting. However this is rather clumsy as I would rather boot OSX by default and without any user intervention. Hence cele_82's method of a floppy bootloader sounded ideal. Unfortunately it only works for me when the Windows parition is active. On the positive side I am using the floppy image to boot Windows in Parallels as it bypasses the Windows bootloader. Download "WinImage" to open and extract "boot.ini" so you can select a default drive/parition to boot.


My conclusion is that for my setup Windows partition needs to be active for Parallels so I'm stuck with using two chained bootloaders to get to OSX. Not a big deal really but not quite as elegant.


I read in a few other threads that some boot loaders (Acronis and Grub) set the chosen partition active as part of the way they work so I may look at creating a floppy image of WinGrub (provided it can work that way). Any other suggestions? Has Cele_82's method worked for anyone else when OSX partition is set to active?



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With Vista, using Vista bootloader, it seems to load Vista but then it kicks shutdown the VM (in safe mode, it hands at CRCDISK.sys, maybe macfuse ?)... And it doesn't unmount my Windows partition BTW which is rather dangerous if you ask me...


EDIT : I was wondering if you need to have at least run once Windows using its partition active so it has already installed those parallels tools...

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