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VMware OS X 10.4.7 + Update Problem

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Hi, I installed into VMware this "VMware OS X 10.4.7". It is an image file for wmware, it is sufficient to set some parameters and set Windows NT as the system and it runs like a charm.


I ran Apple software update, it updated java vm, itunes and OSX to 10.4.10.


At restart the blackout :o


Vmware was also telling me that i was running a 64bit operating system but the virtual machine was set to 32 bit.


I did not change from 32 to 64 so who did change that?

I tried with all the 64 bit operative systems available but it wont go after the apple screen and keeps rebooting itself.


Any suggestions? :)

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The problem was caused because you updated to 10.4.10 through Software Update. 10.4.10 does not work with VMware and plus, even if it were to work, you would still need a special installer package or you would need to follow special instructions to update you Hackintosh. As for what you are to do about it, unless you made a Snapshot before the update, you will have to reinstall OS X :P


Post back with your results,


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