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Installed Jas 10.4.8- Prompted to restart- over and over!


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Hi all,


I have an Intel Pentium d 266ghz, 1024Mb ram, ASUS P5VDC-MX motherboard, Seagate 320GB hard disk. I have unplugged my primary IDE (samsung)

cos it's got all my files on it and i didn't want this install to lose any of my stuff.


I installed Jas 10.4.8, PC restarted, msg comes up

No Primary IDE detected! Press f1 to resume (no problem here i think- it's cos i unplugged my samsung and use the seagate- whenever i do this i get this msg) then the PC loads Darwin, then I get a message saying: "You need to restart your computer.... etc". So i do it, time and time again, still I cannot get past this 'restart' prompt.


<The message on the screen behind the 'restart' prompt is:


panic(cpu 0 caller 0x003A8D2F): Unable to find driver for this platform: "ACPI".


Debugger called: <panic>

Backtrace, Format - Frame: Return Address (4 potential args on stack)

0x141abdf8 : 0x128d1f (0x3c9728 0x141abe1c 0x131ed0 0x0)

0x141abe38 : 0x3a8d2f (0x3ed10c 0x293b7b0 0x141abe68 0x29d2740)

0x141abe58 : 0x38a61c (0x29d8800 0x291fc80 0x1 0x3be0f5)

0x141abeb8 : 0x38be9b (0x291fc80 0x29d8800 0x2916080 0x29d93a0)

0x141abf38 : 0x38b703 (0x291fc80 0x29160c0 0x8 0xffffffff)

0x141abf88 : 0x38ce48 (0x291fc80 0x0 0x134e3a 0x38cd6e)

0x141abfc8 : 0x19a96c (0x293b070 0x0 0x19d0b5 0x2939b70) Backtrace terminated- invalid frame pointer 0x0


Kernel version:

Darwin Kernel Version 8.8.1: Sat Dec 9 22:18:27 AZOT 2006; semthex:/nebukadnezar/BUILD/obj/RELEASE_1386



Any info will be much appreciated !

Thanks for reading, Fiona.

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This is an ACPI problem. No one is replying for some reason, but if you search ACPI, you'll probably find some info. I'm afraid I don't know much about this problem.


You can check compatibility with that CPU and motherboard as well.

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