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[Howto] Enable Wireless N on supported Systems


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Firstly you'll need a compatible Wireless N card, such as a Dell Wireless 1500, or an official Apple Airport N compatible card, you can pick either of these up off ebay.


Anyway, after you've added your shiny new wireless N card to your laptop simply do the following:


1) Download the Wireless N fix from the downloads section of my website - http://www.macdotnub.info

2) Download the Wireless N enabler, you can buy this from the Apple Store or find it elsewhere.

3) Extract the file from the URL you get in the purchase email, so you get AirPort Extreme 802.11n Enabler.pkg

4) Right click AirPort Extreme 802.11n Enabler.pkg click Show Package Contents, browse to the contents folder, overwrite Distribution.dist with the one from the download available on my website.

5) Install the package, reboot.


If all goes well, when you open Network Utilities (found in the Utilities folder) it should say Model Wireless Network Adapter (802.11 a/b/g/n) when you select your wireless card!





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Thanks for the guide,unfortunately after patching this still does not work for me. The installer does not let me select my drive to install. Get this message:You cannot install..... on this volume.


Is there a way if I have the kext to put it into extensions folder?

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sorry that i forgot to mention, but i've got the Netgear WN311B, i got a connection with the n-standard with no encryption and with my old zyxel 660hw router (with no encryption too), but with my Netgear DG834NB router i dont get a connection, when i enable the 130mbit/s + standard (with g standard it do not work with wpa/wpa2 personal encryption mode, but i think this encryption mode is part of the n standard, because i can choose only this when i change to 130mbit/s or 270mbit/s)


I'll hope you can understand what i mean, my english is not that good, because german is my mother tongue^^, but thanks for your help anyway

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it did not have any effect, i think because the kext file, which download link i found in the thread you posted is for atheros...

but there isnt a broadcom file in there, but i think i need it... (pci14e4,4329 is broadcom i think?)

the result is, that the card wasn't recognized with this patch, but with the old broadcom kext file it is recognized as a, b, g network card and i think the wpa/wpa2 combination mode is not supported by this old one i have...



i reinstalled OS X and it works since the beginning without any changing of the kext file or anything else... maybe i accidently chose the wrong driver at the first install^^, my only problem now is that the connection to my network isn't as good as it is with vista, with visa and wlan i get my full 6mbit/s (downloads, speedtests and in generel) internet, but in OS X i only get approximately 2mbit/s...

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