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speed diffrences

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i had a imac g5 1.8gig 2gig ram it was ok, kinda sluggish, well, in preperation for the new version of imacs coming any week now, i sold it, but i had a project in FCP i was working on and a buddy of mine went on vacation for the week and let me borrow his 2gig Core Duo (not core 2) imac...


what a diffrence in speed


two apps i noticed the most were apature and motion 3


in apature pictures apear almost instantly, whereas before with the G5 it took some time to load the pictures. In Motion most of the premade templates would play quite choppy at full resolution down to about 1/4 res. but with the core duo, they all play perfectly smooth.


its just amazing, i cant believe the speed diffrence i was expecting some, but not like this...i guess my question is, am i missing something, or is there really that big an an increase?

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