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Dual Boot (10.4.8 + XP) Problems

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Hi all,


I'm a new user of Mac and There's my first post on the board.


I've a problem considering dual-booting Mac 10.4.8 (with the new kernel + the three patchs "JaS.Mac.OS.X.10.4.8.AMD.Intel.SSE2.SSE3.PPF.1.Defiant.diskutil.biker880.ich

-R.patch.Integrated" downloaded from demon)


I've downloaded the chain0 file from Mac Wiki and copied it to my root, added the line to the boot.ini file.


the problem is when I choose the Mac OS X from the boot menu appeared, It flashes for less than a second without a word, and then returns to the boot menu again ( Something looks like it is searching for the link of the chain0 file, but unfortunately, It finds nothing)


And the question is, Is this method applicable over 10.4.8 and if so, why didn't it work?, and what's wrong with me ?


and if not, Can anyone please guide me to a dual booting using the windows bootloader?


by the way I've tried to build the chain0 file using the debug method, but the same problem happened.


Thanks much in advance, Looking for your help. ;)

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1. set up osx86 partition as prmary,that should load up darwin,and let you choose ...


2.if 1. don`t work,install Acronis OS Selector,that should work 100%..






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For the chain0 method, read this OSx86 wiki article, "Messing with the boot options", in particular the "Speed up Darwin's timeout count-down" section (set "Quiet boot" to "no" if need be). You'll then be able to select OSX in the second menu that appears (the first menu is from ntldr's boot.ini, the second menu is darwin's bootloader's menu).


For alternatives, read my post here.

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