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So after getting my AMD to finally work, i ran into more problems with it not detecting my PCI cards.. meaning no audio,lan and anything else thats good. So i have decided to find a good motherboard and cpu and work towards buying it.


now i know i want an intel board. Well.. a board with an intel chipset :police: what do you guys reckon is a good motherboard for osx86 and windows? i want an e6600 c2d cpu so yeah. ima fairly average gamer so i wouldnt mind something good. i was lookin at the Asus Mainboard P5K-DELUXE with wifi. The place i mostly buy my stuff from is Austins.. there site is here : http://www.austin.net.au/PriceGuide/tabid/...ategory=LGA+775


what do you guys wreckon the best motherbaoard from that shop would be? i will put my nvidia 7950GT 512mb, 80gb sata 2 hdd, 3gb ddr2 800mhz ram and my extra cards into this new motherboard. do you think this motherboars will be good? it doesnt have a nforce chipset so hopefully less problems.


All the specs from the motherboard i suggested can be found here :


I'd like to know all your opinions/suggestions and please speak your mind aswell.



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