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ZFS in Leopard: Still a Possibility


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As you might know, a Sun employee claimed that ZFS was making its way to the WWDC's Leopard release. Although Jobs made no official mention of the new file system during his keynote, developers who received the Leopard beta were quick to look for ZFS options themselves, only to be disappointed.


In a later statement by an Apple employee, it was said that ZFS would not be present in Leopard. He later clarified that it would not be present as the default file system, but instead HFS+ would still be. However, Leopard would only be able to read, not write, ZFS volumes.


Now, Apple has privately seeded an updater package for developer testers that adds full read/write capabilities to Leopard, according to MacRumors. The only question is, will ZFS be a new option as the main filesystem in future Leopard installers, or will ZFS be treated like Fat 32 currently is in Tiger?

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