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Removed features from Leopard


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Most things seem to have been removed from Safari 3 - phishing detection is the big one. It was in build 9A283 from October 12, 2006.




There was also an "Undo close tab" feature in previous Safari 3 builds. Another neat feature was a preview thumbnail of the website when hovering over a tab. I'm not quite sure why those were removed, perhaps the Windows port had something to do with it...


Fast OS Switching in Boot Camp (never was in a build I don't think, but mentioned on Apples website during WWDC and then quickly removed):


Leopard brings a quicker way to switch between Mac OS X and Windows: Just choose the new Apple menu item "Restart in Windows." Your Mac goes into "safe sleep" so that when you return, you'll be right where you were. It's much faster than restarting the computer each time. Likewise, a "Restart in Mac OS X" menu item in the Boot Camp System Tray in Windows makes for a faster return to Mac OS X. With Windows hibernation enabled, you can pick up where you left off.


And I'm not sure about this, but they seemed to have remove the iChat screen sharing feature. I have not used iChat though so I can't confirm.


I'm not sure if this one should be counted, but spring loaded folders in the dock were replaced with Stacks.



Does anyone else know of any removed features? Could give us a hint of what to expect in 10.6.

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