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  1. a little birdie tweets - 9A559

    Cool screenshots. Thanx!
  2. Ugly UI In Leopard

    Guys I think you expect too much from an X release. Its not Mac OS XI, instead its Mac OS X. Yes I don't like everything, maybe I like some things more the way it looks in Tiger, but maybe its because I use Tiger for 2 years now and got used to it. Give Leopard some time and wait until we see the final release in October. Many of those things that we talk about might change. Apple said its a feature full release, not a UI perfection. Really I don't remember anybody complaining so much when we moved from Panther to Tiger... maybe too many "Windows" philosophy users are jumping in to this platform?
  3. Ugly UI In Leopard

    Leopard... I can't say the new UI is ugly but I definetly think it could look much better, that I hope it will until release date in October. It does have some ugly parts, the transparent bar or the windows shadows, but I prefer the unified look in windows now than what we had in Tiger. I wonder why you nug about the new color sceme since you've been using it in iTunes and iLife for sometime now. I hate both dock and transparent bar. Hopefully they will re consider at least for those two.
  4. Removed features from Leopard

    Guest account has not been removed... its there.
  5. Stacks

    You can always right click on your stack and arrange the files differently, by name, by date, by kind etc. eventually that changes the front icon you see at the stack.
  6. Leopard BETA as main OS

    I have Leopard on a MacBook and I think I will keep it for now until I am done testing it. I am getting used to the new features but propably will go back to tiger until Leopard is officially released in October.
  7. Bugs of 10.5

    I wonder why you had to format your external in order to use Time Machine... I just used my external hard drive with everything in it and worked fine. Time Machine backsup in a dedicated folder so none of your files are going anywhere.
  8. Installing Leopard

    I burned 2 double layers disks but none works. Eventually I tried the iPod solution and it works great. Easy fast and with a result!
  9. its on the bay

    Propably because most of them have only one Mac and they stop seeding so they can install the new version. I see people coming back for seeding so don't worry.
  10. its on the bay

    Now that its out in the open, it cannot be stoped. Leechers must be around a couple of thousand now so those of you complete, keep seeding. It's a wildcat! :censored2:
  11. What don't you like in Leopard?

    - The transparent menu bar! it sucks! - The new dock... i don't even bother to comment. - New folders look - The iTunes like Finder sidebar...
  12. I open this topic so we can write what we don't like from Leopard and the features we saw in WWDC07. Talk about anything, GUI, functions, etc.
  13. I always used the deafault wallpaper on my macs since the Jaguar days. Its kind of weird but apple keeps changing things the way we were used to....
  14. When is Leopard Going to Leak?

    Haven't you heard that Apple is spying all over the network, so it can prevent Leopard becoming available espesially to InsanelyMac users? I wouldn't expect a Leopard preview torrent to become available anytime soon though.
  15. Leopard Beta

    I would not install it as my main OS. But I would install it in one of my Macs for testing purposes. And of course to check it out.