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RAID 0 Installation on Mac Pro

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I am interested in learning more about RAID 0 configuration. In particular I understand that Bootcamp will not work with a RAID 0 configuration. Thus, can someone just confirm for me if the below two RAID 0 configurations would allow me to run Bootcamp.


1. Put Vista and Mac OS on a single, largest possible Raptor 10k (150gig) boot drive, which would also run all apps. (Adobe CS3 programs, Final Cut Pro etc) Then have a few other drives in same Mac Pro organized as a Raid 0 for storage (not backup) and scratch disk purposes?


2. Put Vista on one drive with its specific applications (on 150 gig raptor) MAC OS on another with its specific applications (on 150 gig raptor, this would be boot drive), both drives would be separate, non-raid. Then have another few drives that are organized as a Raid 0 in same Mac Pro to provide for storage (not backup)/scratch disk use?


From post #4 here it is my belief that #1 configuration would work, although the drive would be running at almost full capacity, which I understand is less than optimal. Thus, I would like to use #2 configuration, is that possible?


Also, know that I am wide open to suggestions here.



Thank you very much for your time and responses, know they are greatly appreciated.

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