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  1. I am interested in learning more about RAID 0 configuration. In particular I understand that Bootcamp will not work with a RAID 0 configuration. Thus, can someone just confirm for me if the below two RAID 0 configurations would allow me to run Bootcamp. 1. Put Vista and Mac OS on a single, largest possible Raptor 10k (150gig) boot drive, which would also run all apps. (Adobe CS3 programs, Final Cut Pro etc) Then have a few other drives in same Mac Pro organized as a Raid 0 for storage (not backup) and scratch disk purposes? 2. Put Vista on one drive with its specific applications (on 150 gig raptor) MAC OS on another with its specific applications (on 150 gig raptor, this would be boot drive), both drives would be separate, non-raid. Then have another few drives that are organized as a Raid 0 in same Mac Pro to provide for storage (not backup)/scratch disk use? From post #4 here it is my belief that #1 configuration would work, although the drive would be running at almost full capacity, which I understand is less than optimal. Thus, I would like to use #2 configuration, is that possible? Also, know that I am wide open to suggestions here. Thank you very much for your time and responses, know they are greatly appreciated.
  2. I was thinking about getting the Samsung Syncmaster 305t, but do not know if it will work with Mac Pro (assuming I have installed nVidia Quadro FX4500 video card). The specifications page on Samsung's website(http://www.samsung.com/Products/Monitor/LCD_Digital/LS30HUBCBXAA.asp?page=Specifications) says "Mac Compatibility: O" what does that mean? Will it work with a MAC Pro? I like the monitor, although I would prefer the 30-inch Apple Cinema it is 1.3 inches too tall to fit underneath the hutch on my desk. I wish there was a way to lower it, but it is fixed on its stand that it comes with. I was looking for a good articulating arm/monitor stand that could lower the screen if I were to buy the VESA mount adapter kit and attach the monitor to it. Unfortunately, I have had no luck finding an arm/monitor stand that would sit nicely on my desk, like the Apple stand...any suggestions here would also be helpful... Thank you very much for your time, attention and hopefully responses.
  3. Hello All, I would like to get a 30-inch Apple Cinema display. Unfortunately, the desk I would like to put the display on has a hutch that only provides 20 inches of clearance, I see from Apple's site (http://www.apple.com/displays/specs.html) the height of the monitor is 21.3 inches, I am assuming this includes the monitor being attached to that little stand it is pictured with at top of the page. I have heard that one can purchase something called the VESA mount adapter (http://store.apple.com/1-800-MY-APPLE/WebO...rnMore=M9649G/A) that can allow you to attach the monitor to a articulating arm. Does anyone know of such an arm that will "lower" the screen to about 21 inches or 20.9 - 20.8 inches? The arm needs to be able to sit on a desk and not be attached to a wall.. Thank you very much.
  4. Virus Protection For MAC

    I gotta say the more I research the MAC Pro, Tiger/Leopard and Bootcamp, the more I am impressed. To think that a security software can run on Vista, which is installed on a MAC and be completely unaware that there is a whole other seperate system on that same computer....awesome...and overwhelming for me not being a programmer. Thanks all for your responses. On another note, I hear that a good way to add protection to a MAC OS vs. buying MAC security software, (like Norton Internet Security 3.0 for Mac) which will probably cause more harm than good is to install a wired or wireless router that includes a hardware firewall. Could anyone provide me with some links to some manufacturers and tell me what I should look for in a good router?
  5. Hello All, If I have a Mac Pro that has Windows Vista and Tiger installed on it and I use Vista every now and then through Bootcamp...from what I have heard it is a good idea to install a fully functional security suite on the Vista side like Norton Internet Security 2007. My question is, I hear that Norton is a real memory hog, will the software require the memory no matter what OS I have operating at the time? For instance, lets say that I am running Tiger, will Norton be using some memory as well, even though it was installed on the Vista side and is exclusive to the Vista OS? Thanks for your time and response.
  6. Hello everyone, I notice that on the system requirements page for Microsoft's Expression Studio the system requirements for a hard drive for the MAC is 20 megs, but for Windows it is 1.5 gigs. Is this a typo, should it say for MAC, 2.0 gigs rather than 20 megs or.... Thank you very much for your time and attention.
  7. Hello All, I've been reading some posts on other boards and have seen some opinions that in the past many of the Adobe applications (such as Dreamweaver) have very poor MAC interfaces. I was wondering if anyone has tried any of the MAC CS3 suite programs particularly Dreamweaver CS3, I would think all interface and functions for MAC version would be smooth...can I have a few opinions here. Thank you very much.
  8. EFI, Thank you very much for your input. From what I hear of Apple, it has awesome customer service so I think I will opt for 4gigs of memory, if I need more, my local Apple store is not far. I understand they can basically install whatever you want, no problem. I did go to the Apple store the other day...first time I went in one to check out the computers. The apple mouse was very odd...two button action with no buttons...weird. Can I ask you real quick, can you briefly explain connecting to Apple's Xserve via the Fibre Channel...why would I want or not want to do this? Again, thank you very much for your input, it is much appreciated.
  9. About $15k....just a fantasy build, scaling back on the RAM (which I will do) and some other stuff will take off alot on pricing... Can anyone comment, if I had two screens (30-inch) would that mean more RAM would be needed, or would that be related solely to the capability/memory of the video card?
  10. You bring up an interesting point. I have been studying Premiere Pro 2 and After Effects. The more I have done research into Apples/Mac's the more I hear about this amazing software. Is it really that much better than Premiere Pro 2/After Effects team? Is it better than Avid Xpress Pro?
  11. Sir, It says here, that they do. See under the section "Up to 3B of internal storage." I admit, as I am very new to MAC's, and do not know anything about building a computer, I could be misunderstanding something here...
  12. Hello everyone, I am new to this Mac Forum (best I've seen by far). I am also new to the MAC computer. I have been a Dell PC person all my life and my hobby is being a website developer/photographer/cinematographer etc. As I am beginning to learn about more advanced technologies, I am seeking to upgrade from my old Dell laptop to a Desktop PC (Dell Precision) or a MAC Pro. I have been learning about several types of software, I am particularly enamored of the new Adobe CS3 Master Collection. However, I also like some of Apple's offerings, in particular the Final Cut Studio 2, Logic Pro and Pro Tools by Digidesign. I would like a computer that can easily edit/render HD video for posting to websites/DVDs as well as one that can handle sophisticated sound tracks and music programs/PCI Express card space such as those associated with Pro Tools. I think I would like to purchase a MAC. However, I know nothing about these computers, only that, no matter who I ask they all love their MAC, ALL OF THEM! (This never happens with a PC.) Although my experience has never been bad with PCs, I have had the occasional crashes, hiccups and things that seem to haunt my computer from time to time even though I try to take the best of care with them. I also observe the fact that my local college that teaches (through its extended learning program) all of Adobe's software, teaches those softwares on Mac Pro's. A seemingly big plus for MAC Pros is that with the 64-bit Tiger OS and with Bootcamp I can run Windows XP SP2 or Tiger on the same computer. However, I would try to limit running Windows, except when I need to run Internet Explorer (some sites like Vista Print only allow online ordering using Internet Explorer for some of its online ordering features). As my job involves heavy use of Excel/Word/Powerpoint, I see Apple has me covered by offering a fully compatible MAC version of Office 2004, fantastic! The computer I am thinking of is below. I usually purchase and hold for 6-8 years. Although technology changes, I usually make equipment purchases that have always been able to see me through all software upgrades/new softwares over that time. I would appreciate comments on the Ram, do I need 16Gigs..my guess is yes if I am editing HD video and running Maya and Cinema 4D programs together. Although Dell Precision offers better video cards (more memory) and faster hard drives on my configuration with them...I guess I am willing to accept the two below. This configuration is as offered at Apple's online store. Unfortunately, I do not possess the knowledge to build my own MAC. Mac Pro Two 3.0Ghz Quad Core Intel Xeon Processors 16GB Ram (667Mhz DDR2 Ram) 3TB 7,200 RPM Hard drive (actually 4 750Gig, 7,200 RPM drives organized as a RAID 0) Nvidia Quadro FX4500 512MB, Stereo 3d (2x dual link DVI) 30-inch Apple Cinema HD Display (One monitor only) Two 16x Superdrives Quad-Channel 4Gb Fibre Channel PCI Express Card (what is this needed for?) AppleCare Protection Plan for Mac Pro (just in case) I have been reading many posts on this forum and noticed people complaining of MACs crashing with Adobe CS3 programs; most troubling. However, it seems most of these people were running on a "hackintosh". I will not be using such a system, just so it is known I will be waiting for Leopard to come out (October 2007 I am told) and then making my decision, PC or MAC at that time. So I don't know if these freeze-ups will apply to me. Also, I believe these people were running Beta versions of the various CS3 softwares, I avoid Beta versions the way nutritionists avoid trans fats. I would be purchasing the Adobe CS3 Master Collection (Apple license, not Windows) in August or thereafter when it comes out I would greatly appreciate any opinions on which system would be better for me. I apologize for the long post, but I have a lot of issues to work out here. Thank you for your time and responses, I will be committing them to memory, just so you know.