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Need Help w/Boot Camp Partitioning & 9A466


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Hai thar,


I'm happy I got Leopard 9A466 on my computer, it works great. I really like the operating system, I think Apple did a great job.


However, to get Leopard on my system I had to delete my old Boot Camp partition and make a new 10GB one so I can use it as a virtual Leopard DVD (via restoring the DVD to the 10GB Boot Camp-created partition).


I want to delete the 10GB Boot Camp partition and create a new 20GB MS-DOS partition to install Vista on. How do I do that?


When I open up Boot Camp (in Leopard) and press "Create or Remove a Windows partition" I get this error message:


Boot Camp Assistant cannot be used.

This startup disk is not supported.


Any ideas?

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