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Sleep Problems and Noise


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Hello everyone

As discussed a lot ,sleep problem is still a unresolved problem.

I recent found something very interesting

what I found is as follows:


1 On my laptop I found that after I choose sleep , close the monitor, then open the monitor again ,it comes back normally. without noise. But usb devices can not work again. It does recognize it.


2 If I just close the monitor,it will sleep , after you open it , the screen does not come back.

But ,if you then close it again and reopen it ,it will come back normally .


But on my laptop it will then come with noise output problems when listening music or watch a movie and I can not use usb devices too,And Sometimes it wakes up but the track pad is unusable, makes the cursor move very fast and jerky.



My laotop is Dell inspiron 2200


Intel 910GML


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