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Mac Pro Upgrade And Overclock Guide! El cheapo version!

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Hi guys!

Good news!

After the Mac Mini Upgrade Guide, which helped so many people

to not damage their beloved mini, i updated my site with a new guide!

I work hard and i sacrificed some sleep to the mac cause!


It's on upgrading a Mac Pro from 4 to 8 cores!

Yes, i know others tried, but no one ever has overclocked 'em!!!!!

It's rock solid, i've used it as my main machine for almost a week now!

I've completed successfully a 2 days and half rendering with 8 threads.

During heavy load (i mean HEAVY), i only raise the fans to 1000-1500rpm

when 8 cores crunching!

And maybe only because ambient temps in my house are around 27-32 C°

About 80-90F...i don't have air conditioning and here is a pretty darn hot 'n sunny summer!

Now that's a stress test!



You can find the new guide here: http://www.o0o.it/pro/


or you can digg me ;-) here:



Now (i hope) hosting problems are gone...

last week my provider had routing problems!


As always my english could be better...he he


See ya!


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