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Configuring Mac and Windows to dual boot..


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So I've gotten mac os x 10.4.9 installed using uphucks 1.3 install disk. I had Vista Ultimate installed before all of this and after the installation my machine just booted up into Vista and didn't give an option or anything for OS X. Here is my setup..


Disk 0 is my extra storage drive.

Disk 1 is the drive with Mac OS X 10.4.9 installed on it.

Disk 2 is the drive with Windows Vista Ultimate installed on it.


Now, my question is..since os x installed properly and prompted to restart after the installation..I want to try to configure the windows boot loader to dual boot vista and os x. Can some one please tell me how to add an entry into the boot file to boot from Disk 1?


I found a couple guides, but they all seem to start off by saying..now that you are in OS X do this..but I haven't booted in OS X yet so I can't do that. If any of you gurus out there could help it'd be great!


I've been looking into this post..


..but I'm unsure of where the start with it since I couldn't boot in os x since it didn't set the boot loader.


If you could just copy and paste the steps I need to take from here with in Vista it be awesome! Thanks in advanced!

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I know you might not want to do this, but please get yourself Acronis Disk Suite, Then install OS Selector.


Then you can configure what boots first.



Since he has his OS'es on different disk it's obvious that the bootsectors/bootprogram don't know each other.


The proper way to change which disk to boot from on a PC is in this case through the BIOS-boot-menu on some mainboards (my mainboard uses F8 for this boot-menu). Or change BIOS settings to boot from the correct drive.


This doesn't involve messing around with bootloaders and stuff.



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