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My review for OS X 10.5 Leopard


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1)The transculent menu bar is like theme. with every wallpaper it changes color on applications except on Finder

2)Quick Time,transforms 4:3 videos to 16:9 instantly and it allows Full screen at "demo" mode

3)Time Machine Works great!!!

4)Front Row is very beautyfull

5)Changes to all GUI the edges of the menus is round ,not corner

6)Quick look works great with videos and all other stuff

7)Dictionary app is conected to Wikipedia

8)Stacks Rocks!!!!!!!

9)Finder icon on dock more usefull

10)Screen sharing ROCKS!!!!!!(i show it on other machine)

11) DVD player is more easy to use cause at the bottom of the window shows a time line:P

12)Photobooth effects on ichat works great(for me) at preview window

13)apple bought icon composer as i see and add it to developer tools


1)Photo booth don't work for me is says that i haven't connect a camera

2)iChat some times cannot connect

3)Airport some times does not find any wireless network

4)iChat video/audio chat doesn't work for me

5)iChat auto answer machine that we have see to previous build,isn't on preferences now

6)Fonts on strings when i am localizing is shows symbols in some letters, but when i check it in finder is ok

7)Screen sharing doesn't work for me

8)Front Row has strings from AppleTV (haha)

9)Where is core animation sdk or an app???

10)Where is resolution independence????

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