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  1. Cheapy Hackintosh

    yeah! i know that. also i will try to build xgrid because i have 5 macs on ethernet
  2. Cheapy Hackintosh

    hey guys thank u i just check the hardware and i build this(see the attachement) i want to use it as downloading machine, and media server don't want display i will administrate it via VNC. ( i will back up music on it,(with a second backup disk with time mashine) so the computers on my home net will use the itunes sharing and iphoto sharing to use everything photos music video nothing else ) is it good? what do you think??
  3. Cheapy Hackintosh

    thanks. but i haven't find the wiki with the hardware. that's why im asking for parts sorry thanks a lot for your help can u post me the link of wiki?
  4. Cheapy Hackintosh

  5. Cheapy Hackintosh

    Hi guys. yesterday i take from ebay an empty G4 MDD Tower I would like to build inside it a hackintosh to use it as a server. Could anybody say to me the cheapest parts to build it? ( as i see core 2 duo are too expensive ) Ι allocate 200 euros max (312 dollars) i want only 1gb of ram and 160gb max HDD. i don't want grafics card. i will only use the computer throught VNC thanks
  6. leopard app win

    oxi aleksandre ksexna to.... ine dinaton na treksei to mac os x, native, windows applications ....ine san na rotas an ta windows tha treksoun native, mac appications??? NEVER! Pavei na iparxei diafora litourgikou pleon...ine to idio...maza
  7. Ugly UI In Leopard

    the transparent menu is very nice for me....if you put an abstract wallpaper is a very nice eye candy!!!!! i like it a lot and it doesn't bother me the menus are ok for me...very visivle
  8. Bugs of 10.5

    some times after boot airport doesn't find any network or it findes but 5-6 minutes later
  9. Good 1)The transculent menu bar is like theme. with every wallpaper it changes color on applications except on Finder 2)Quick Time,transforms 4:3 videos to 16:9 instantly and it allows Full screen at "demo" mode 3)Time Machine Works great!!! 4)Front Row is very beautyfull 5)Changes to all GUI the edges of the menus is round ,not corner 6)Quick look works great with videos and all other stuff 7)Dictionary app is conected to Wikipedia 8)Stacks Rocks!!!!!!! 9)Finder icon on dock more usefull 10)Screen sharing ROCKS!!!!!!(i show it on other machine) 11) DVD player is more easy to use cause at the bottom of the window shows a time line:P 12)Photobooth effects on ichat works great(for me) at preview window 13)apple bought icon composer as i see and add it to developer tools Bad 1)Photo booth don't work for me is says that i haven't connect a camera 2)iChat some times cannot connect 3)Airport some times does not find any wireless network 4)iChat video/audio chat doesn't work for me 5)iChat auto answer machine that we have see to previous build,isn't on preferences now 6)Fonts on strings when i am localizing is shows symbols in some letters, but when i check it in finder is ok 7)Screen sharing doesn't work for me 8)Front Row has strings from AppleTV (haha) 9)Where is core animation sdk or an app??? 10)Where is resolution independence????
  10. June 11th is right around the corner...

    BETTER VOICE RECOGNITION!!! im greek i don't speak very good english. Windows Vista recognition understands me all times i speak 10/10 efforts Mac os x recognition 3/10 efforts It Sucks!
  11. Hi I look at this laptop and i find this HP Pavilion dv1076 Wireless card: Intel® PRO/Wireless 2200BG Network connection (192 you know the ip address) Ethernet: Realtek RTL8139/810x Family Fast Ethernet NIC Grafics card Inter® 82852/82855 GM/GME Graphics controller 64mb Audio Conexant Cx20468 @ Intel 82801DBM ICH4-M-AC '97 Audio Controller [b-1] mOTHERBOARD CHIPSET Intel Montara-GM i855GM bios Phoenix(09/15/04) Now after the installation of Mac os x JaS 10.4.8 AMD,Intel with SSE2 and SSE3, it does not recognize biggest resolusion on the screen larger than 1024x768.i tryed some tips about to change the resolution in boot.plist but nothing.. second it doesn't recognize the wireless. When i try to see a dvd and dvd player says "There was an initilization error. A valid video device could not be found for playback [-70017]" The ptched vlc plays dvd... but i want dvd pplayer... Toast 8 it bounce on the dock but it doesn't run and stops bouncing Also the cpu fan runs full but cpu working at 2% What can i do for those problems???
  12. OH MY God is it so easy????when the first time i tryed to install it about 4-5 months ago ,i have read that i have to install darwin.Must i install them??? or it installs like the mac??? And how can i see that i have a compatitible hardware??? can i burn the iso image on toast ?? thanks oracle.are you greek?? lol find me on msn to give my ichat silendedugu7 at hotmail.com
  13. Hi can anybody tell me how can i install Mac OS X 10.4.8 [JaS AMD-Intel-SSE2-SSE3 with PPF1 & PPF2].iso on a pc?? I don't know anything thanks.(i hadn't found something with the search)
  14. 9a410 leaked

    93.72% COME ON COME ON
  15. 9a410 leaked

    from the *nova stopped... canot find host. i have stopped at 72.56% from the azureus its only uploading (in the green deamon theres no torrent any more, can any give me the torrent from the green?? pm me thanks)