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Max volume increased on macbook?

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ok this is weird. normally at night ill have my macbook at the first square on the lil thing that popups when you use the volume keys. at this same volume NOW however, its VERY loud, almost what it would be at the 3rd or 4th square it seems. I took this to a friends house and ever since i brought it home, it seems a lot louder. is there ANY way it could have been increased by accident? I didnt try to increase it so its very odd this happened... thanks



edit: ok i just realized i applied the new 10.4.10 update at the friends house THEN took it back here and the sound is weird. my speakers dont stay on, to conserve power (im guessing is why) you could hear the faint buzz they made turn off, meaning it cut all sound to it. maybe this was the macbook turning off the soundcard or somin to conserve. well besides the volume increase, when it cuts the signal it pops real loud instead of a faint click. sorry if that sounds confusing lol.



UPDATE: http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?m...76149

seems to be a big issue, not just me

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