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  1. thecheeks

    Official Unofficial Cider Game thread

    Can I request either Red Alert 2 or Tiberium Sun (Firestorm expansion also)? And no that's not a typo, I want the old games I'll give it a try tomorrow but I figured I'd try a request from the guys that are pro at this now. Edit: watched the Cider tutorial video from the December pack on BS. Any reason why older games would not work? Like I said, I'll give it a try tomorrow
  2. thecheeks

    Official Unofficial Cider Game thread

    is it possible to port Ventrilo with the GSM codec? i kinda tried with the guides but failed. would be great to get a good vent gsm on osx
  3. thecheeks

    Newest Cider version from Gametap

    anyone got apps not games to work with Cider? tried for a while to get Ventrilo ported (need it ported so i can use the GSM codec). i got no errors but the cider icon bounced once, hung open, then closed with a normal OSX error message thing. help? and WINE didnt work well with it either, said there was still a GSM error even tho i placed the codec in the system folder and edited the .ini