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Minute observations about Leopard


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Post your observations on minute details of Leopard. These can be features or changes from previous versions. Don't necessarily include bugs, since there's already another forum topic for that.


Here's some observations about Leopard that I noticed while browsing around:


1) Brushed metal has been REPLACED by the titanium (or whatever the new metal look is going to be called). For compatibility with older apps, the "new" look is available in Interface Builder as the same old Textured window option. This means that any app that previously showed with a brushed metal interface provided by the OS will automatically inherit the new titanium look of Leopard.


2) Rounded menus. The menubar lost its rounded edge, but contextual menus now sport rounded edges. Quite subtle, but an elegant change.


3) Secure erase trashcan now available as a default option. If you go to Finder preferences, you can now select "Empty Trash Securely" in the advanced tab. Great for those that know the keyboard shortcut to empty trash and have stuff to hide from the significant other, lol.


4) Firewall enabled by default? I'm not so sure about this one, but it seems the Firewall (now located in the Security system preference) has no option to turn it off & on. However, judging by the wording, the default option "Allow all incoming connections" seems to be the option for "firewall off." Also, it seems all network connections get routed through kernel_task now (at least according to my Little Snitch prompts), possibly relating to the firewall.


5) Coverflow view in Finder & in iTunes are different. Seems iTunes that comes with Leopard doesn't utilize Core Animation for graphics yet, which is indicated by more jagged animation compared to the fluid animation in Finder.


6) Front Row 2.0 does not require iTunes to be running. In prior versions of OSX, selecting a song to play or browsing through the playlists in the Music section of Front Row required iTunes to run. Front Row 2.0 now can preview and play all your iTunes content without iTunes actually running. This is true for even previewing top iTunes videos.


7) Can't easily choose stack icon. Stacks automatically take on either the icon of the latest file to be added to the stack or the icon of the first item if multiple items are added to a stack. For the Downloads stack, however, you can sort the stack by name, date added/modified/created, kind, and label, but you still cannot specifically select the foremost icon. Removing the stack from the dock does not show the "Poof" animation (yet)

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