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  1. network connections not correct

    I've searched for hours with no prevail, I have a travelmate 2480 that I got running flawlessy except for after running the mobileme update. all my networked computers show up as bonjour connections, even my mac pro, powerbook g4, and macbook pro all running leopard. is there something I should replace? but i would like to have my sceensharing back
  2. Mac Pro upgrades?

    you can go to either macmall.com or macsale.com I prefer macsale.com as they have decent prices on RAM, probably better than newegg, at least for the macpro ram but I haven't looked for a new video card for mine yet, I'm running two 22" CRTs at 2048x1536 on a single stock 7300 without any problems. you really only need to consider a second card if you are planning to run 2 or more 30" ACD's and well if you can afford two 30" screens at $1,700 each then you surly have enough for the top end video card just remember that on macpro the video cards are setup as workstation cards NOT gaming cards, the same rules don't necessarily apply. They are geared more towards consistent tones, gamma and hues not so much on high frame rates.
  3. Building a new computer

    i used to do the build a PC thing, and what i found that worked great for me (budget wise) was to go just below best of the best, you almost always have buyers remorse if you buy the best of the best brand new, as it'll be half the cost next year another bit of advice, figure out exactly what you are going to be using the computer for, this will steer you mostly in the graphics card area, if its games, look at what games you play most and see what people recommend for those games.
  4. webcam

    okay, i have a mac pro and wanted to use photobooth on it. so i got a webcam (quickcam) not sure the model number i installed macam... with no success in either photobooth nor ichat so then i found ichatusbcam... it works for photobooth with side effects (will get to that in a moment) but still not working in ichat (but not really concerned as i don't plan to videochat... but oddly works in yahoo chat now i will post screenshots of what my photobooth is doing, how can i fix it
  5. Ugly UI In Leopard

    i found in the time i used leopard i was looking at the top at the big gap
  6. Optimized Firefox for Intel

    what about for us quad core mac pro users?
  7. Hacking Leopard GUI

    where did you get the sweet photoshop icon?
  8. Leopard BETA as main OS

    i decided to go back to tiger although my restore backup didnt go very well and i have some serious bugs so i think im gonna do a fresh tiger install
  9. What is this?

    it was a demo created for core animation, i believe
  10. I came, I saw... I'm probably going back to Tiger

    It's necessary when it's an essential part of the operating system and included in the "features" plus ALOT of developers make addons and apps for Mail, and if it doesn't work natively than how is gonna be an effective app to develop for
  11. Making stacks not look ugly?

    if you put your dock on the side you get the grid layout in everything
  12. Leopard DVD's not bootable

    did you burn with toast or disk utility? you should use disk utility
  13. I came, I saw... I'm probably going back to Tiger

    then we would be looking at vista
  14. we first off I know it's a BETA (so don't jump me) secondly even as a BETA all parts in it (software included) should at least work... I'm talking about Mail Mail is an intricate part of OS X and it's not functional, at all. now a review for the other features: Spaces Not something I'll probably use. I have 2 nice 21" monitors running at 2048x1536 each, I have all the screen space i need, but i can see myself loving them in i was on a laptop or an imac Dock & Menu Bar not as ugly as I'd imagined they'd be, but still not beautiful, the menubar preatty much lightens and blurs the image underneath, to my surprise looked better with really dark images than lighter ones. The dock being turned into a shelf, turn me off of it. It really just got a "vista treatment" with reflection and a 3D look, nothing grand but these things allows apple to call it new Stacks Like most of the dock, just kinda a silly thing to add to call it new, the same ability could be achieved buy putting a folder in the dock Quickview and Coverflow Two things i can actually RAVE about, quickview makes life easier, and faster. as with coverflow, i have Tons of photos from photoshoots i've done and flipping through them is a breeze Time Machine I can't say anything about this at the time due to not haveing a free USB drive. (can't see how have a USB drive dangling from your laptop 24/7 would be fun) iChat iChat is still well iChat, nothing i could really test out due to Leopard not supporting my webcam (but from my experiance most mac users i know use adium) Safari safari for the most part is the same as the beta for tiger, other than PDF viewing Pretty much this is for the people that don't care about the back-end stuff of leopard. if there's anything anyone would like me to review on, let me know
  15. Leaping Leopards!

    Intel macs can boot from both USB and Firewire as PPC can only boot from firewire