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I think that microsoft like to copy Apple in all things. now it includes the website - with the reflections, and the color harmony that Apple includes in all of their design. (The blue color too...)

I think that Microsoft "Live" idea has born from "iLife" idea, because all things that Apple featured more than 5 years ago, Microsoft are trying to feature with the M$ sign...


Windows aren't a worst Operating System - Considering the compatibility with Hardware - because all things work on a Windows System. But the architeture of the main core are totally different than Apple insert with MacOS Classic (9) and MacOS X (Based on a stable Unix System). Apple runs on a Signed an only hardware, not need to 3th party base cores for drivers. It only an kernel extension. It make the kernel do the things directly, not call an DLL that call several functions on several libraries that forever are lost in the hard disc...


I think too that Microsoft are trying forever to take the beauty on your system (Since XP), without modifying the compatibility with Hardware an software that actually runs over it - therefore - this is the only thing that make people uses Windows (and the low cost hardware).


On a original Mac (or a Hac) you can see the different things that M$ are trying to change with the time on your system:


User Interface - forever trying to improve it, with the user universal access.

User access - forever trying to make new modes to block improper acees...

File System - Trying to make ever an new FileSystem, mode that make it less fragment-vulnerable (as HFS+, or Apple Journaled)

System Structure - trying to implant an XML based system (As PLISTs)


and a lot of things that can be found when analising Microsoft Systems and Apple Systems.


But Microsoft still have an brillian future, if it change our thoughts about money.

"Starter Editions" - a ugly and dirty low-cost Microsoft Windows license that make all peoples that use windows have each time more reasons to hate it. (not open more than 5 apps. Apps. cannot use more than 64Mb of memory, and other things as no networking with more than 1 PC or modem...)


Sorry, I ran awy from subject but... This is the thought of an 17-year old infuriated Brazilian boy

Thanks Apple, and thanks all peoples that make MacOS X possible in PC hardware.

Thanks for patience.

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