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    !NEW Speedtouch USB Driver �

    no work here. my is old manta, ray [green? blue?]. This is the messages I got on terminal trying to load QKD6_3.012 or mgmt.o: then I have to Cmd+Tab, sudo killall modem_run I tryed it with the modem connected at the ADSL line, but nope... NOTHING works for this {censored}... Anyone have the same error messages?
  2. HotBreeze

    4Minds 10.5.4 AMD Combo Update

    People, remeber backing up the extensions and putting back important ones, that changes versions, like Audio, SMBIOS, and other stuff. Remeber verifying the file with the MD5, if file is corrupted, redownload it! Everything Mac. Everything 4Minds.
  3. HotBreeze

    The Ultimate Web Browser

    Safari 3.1 is the ultimate! A lot faster than other browsers! People commonly accepted Firefox as the Internet Explorer rejection, but I never liked it. Firefox are free, cross platform, but slower than Safari, and sometimes slower than IE7. Safari passed Acid2 browser test, doesn't passed Acid3 [http://acid3.acidtests.org/] getting the score 74 of 100. Firefox doesn't passed Acid2 browser test [it's really basic], doesn't passed Acid3 too, but with scores about 53. worst than Safari. I like Safari.
  4. HotBreeze


    Hi. Im having some problems with USB too. USB Plug n Play doesnt working, when I plug my iTouch into computer it doesnt start charging, and other devices doesnt found [like my bluetooth]. Someone can help me with this problem?? Im having a problem with my PS2 Keyboard too, sometimes MacOS X doesnt start it... [and its being a lot hard to configure the keyboard layout for PT-BR ABNT2] Thanks!
  5. HotBreeze

    The iPhone...in x86?

    I think that ppl doesnt understand that an iPhone on graph was only representing an Smartphone, not, necessarily it has an Intel Chip. This is my concept.
  6. HotBreeze

    Do you know anything like this?

    We PAY for Microsoft Windows, WE PAY A LOT for an Software to it WORK, not to see a {censored} of message everytime you change your USB mouse to another port, telling you have to install an driver. Hara Taiki, yes, Windows are an multihardware OS. MacOS X (10.4) runs AMAZING on a lot of hardware, with some hacks, and dont blame you about peripehals. ATI Driver on MacOS X dont give you problems, but on Microsoft give? Memory Allocation? I think ATI drivers passed Microsoft Driver Labs... Then, I ever try to dont blame Microsoft, but... It makes thing harder than it are...
  7. HotBreeze

    Do you know anything like this?

    I think Apple with MacOS Classic and Xerox done the same Microsoft do now with Apple. All concepts of an GUI was copied from Xerox PARC. [EDIT: Hara, aswered?] You can tell anything you want about Microsoft File and Edit menus, but as a Windows Programmer, I can tell you - File and Edit menus on Windows are bad planned by Microsoft or, maybe, by developers too. On File, you can find Application Preferences... It's wrong, all wrong... Apple doesn't differs a lot from Windows because it design look amazing. The difference are the system planning and study, about how peoples can find the things easy on a graphical interface, on Windows you run in circles about 4 times to do simple things. Vista has changed some things about easy access - Now you have centers for all things, an new wrong concept, first day, I delayed about 2 hours to config my Wireless network with WPA2-Personal with TKIP, why? On MacOS X the same config was make by clicking on System Preferences, Network, one click on Wireless, and type the password, on Vista, I spent 2 hours to find the {censored} of "Network Center" and more 3 hours to discover that Vista doesnt saving WPA2-TKIP passwords (First OEM releases...). I believe Apple think really different. I'm not the "Master of Knowledge", but only trying to do an thoughts exchange. [sorry for my bad english]
  8. System of a Down - Aerials
  9. HotBreeze

    Do you know anything like this?

    No Microsoft things look like Apple. But the concepts are the same. Copy, and Paste. Microsoft have a Business look, while Apple have Final User comfort look.
  10. engadget published an gallery with the photos of new Microsoft Windows Mobile, the version 7. It look like anything you know? View the original website
  11. HotBreeze

    iPod Installer Problem

    Go to Install -> Sources -> Ste Packaging -> Install Ste has changed his repository address, try to update with this, it will work good.
  12. HotBreeze

    n00b friendly way to jailbreak?

    You can use Brazillian Touch to Jailbreak your iPod Touch AND install January Software Upgrade. If you have Firmware files (iPod1,1_1.1.2xxxxxxxxx_Restore.ipsw), you can use it, no need to redownload every time you want to jailbreak. This is the files: BrazillianTouch Small Version (WITHOUT Firmware files) [ZIP File, about 1679kB (1,6MB)] http://www.driveway.com/b8t1r4v0i7 http://www.driveway.com/p2l4k3b3p2 BrazillianTouch Full Version (INCLUDE the iPod Touch ONLY firmware file) [ZIP File, about 171.123kB (167MB)] [waiting for upload the file to post the link] EDIT: Bugfixes and improvements to Small Version...
  13. HotBreeze

    [How to] Install 10.5.2 Update [TUTORIAL]

    Work. Boot up great, but no keyboard or trackpad working. Tried to backup some 10.5.2 kernel extensions (AppleACPIPlatform, ApplePS2Controller, IOPCIFamilty), but nope too, changing this, make me boot without graphics and stuck at "Login Window Application Started", tried to replace the old GMA kexts, but nope. A lot of errors, no boot. Anyone have solutions for this?
  14. HotBreeze

    Jailbroken 1.1.3

    I done the same that you. Nothing... Maybe an bootloader problem... But... A new Jailbreak software will be released... it will update 1.1.2 to 1.1.3, install Installer.app, and will bring January Software Update to iPod Touch... I`m writing it...