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Leopard WWDC 07 version bug with "Blued"


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I got the copy of leopard on my ibook g4. It works fine, without the bluetooth bug.

I found out that the "ReportCrash" did take 90% CPU at all the time. By writing logs of crash of bluetooth. (The name was "Blued")

I did deactivate the bluetooth at once. But it didn't stop. After a while i found out that "Bluetooth-sharing" was on. But when i trying to unmark it, nothing happens. I've tried over houndreds of time, but nothing works.




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This isn't a fix, but if the constantly restarting blued daemon is bothering you enough, you can always rename it and it won't keep restarting any more.


Its most likely found in: /usr/sbin/blued. Just rename it to something like 'blued_bak'. Use terminal.app. Something like 'sudo mv /usr/sbin/blued /usr/sbin/blued_bak'.


Don't forget, this is a hack to fix the immediate problem of blued keep restarting. If someone comes up with a fix, or anything else, you should rename blued back to what it should be.

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Also, one other thing you might want to try is deleting your bluetooth preference files - there could be a problem with the new 'blued' daemon using your old 10.4 preferences if you just upgraded (or archived and installed) to 10.5.


I'd suggest trashing:




...and then looking in:




for anything 'com.apple.bluetooth'. ('~' means your home folder).


After you do that, try a restart and see what happens.


(Don't forget to rename blued back to 'blued' if you renamed it as I suggested originally).

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Did you do a clean install? At first I just did an Upgrade installation, but experienced the blued constant crashing. I wiped and did a clean install, and it worked great.


Same here. Although now my Huawei E220 HSDPA dongle doesn't work anymore :rolleyes: I can install the app and the driver, but when I try to connect I keep getting a modem error. If I can't get this fixed soon I'll have to go back to Tiger since I need my high speed pr0.. ehrm internets in the train :D

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Yay! I have managed to get Bluetooth to work on an Upgrade Leopard install.


I noticed that it worked when I did a clean install so I thought if I just copy over the files from that install onto mine, it could work. The problem was knowing which files to copy over. I downloaded a bluetooth update from apple.com and used pacifist to find which files it provided.


Anyway if you want to do it, here's how.

  1. Ensure you have a copy Leopard with working BlueTooth on a volume named "Leopard's Disk"
  2. Copy over or trash the BT preferances in /Library/Preferances and also your home ones.
  3. Run the script provided as such "sudo /<path>/btcopy_nolang" This will only work with the working Leopard partition/disk named as above.
  4. Restart.

This produces a sh** load of erros, but it did work in the end. One version [trys to] copy the additional languages and if they are not there produces more errors. The other thing to note is that you must be started up from the volume you wish to make it work on, otherwise you will have to modify the script.


With langs: http://rapidshare.com/files/40055512/btcopy.html

Without langs (recommended): http://rapidshare.com/files/40055779/btcopy_nolang.html


Have fun, and don't blaim me if everything f***s up!




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