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AppleI386PCI.kext AGP mode problem

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I downloaded the AppleI386PCI.kext found here: x86dev.org. Changed it to pci8086,2561 for my pci-bridge. Replaced the 10.4.9 ATIRadeon9700.kext with the 4.8 one (edited Info.plist) Installed Callisto 8b (edited CallistoHAL), .... And changed IOPCIFamily.kext to 1.7


Well: during bootup (-v) AGP is loaded as "v3 mode 8" but this motherboard only supports AGP 4x. And graphics freezes.


The question is: How can I disable AGP 8x?/Set 4x?


Do I need to compile a new version?? Where is the source?


Some help would be appreciated. Cant wait to see what happens when AGP 4x is loaded. The kext from the first post in the x86dev-forum link gives me crappy graphics allready i text mode and then freezes Graphics. Machine still reachable with ssh though.


BTW: Callisto givs me OpenGL, CI, QE. Card reqog. as PCI though.



10.4.9 (8.9.1)

EP-4GEA+ i845GE (integrated graphics disabled)

Radeon 9500PRO

P4 2.66 (SSE2 only)

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